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 Student Learning Outcomes


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Learning Goals and Objectives for the Business Program at the Bachelor of Science Level


    Graduates of the College of Business will be:


Goal 1: Effective Communicators

Objective 1: Oral Communication.  Our students will prepare and deliver professional and effective qualify presentations, incorporating appropriate technologies, on business topics.

Objective 2: Written Communication.  Our students will prepare professional quality business documents and/or memos summarizing their analysis of a business issue.


Goal 2: Ethical and Analytical Business Problem Solvers

Objective 1: Our students will systematically apply decision making models to identify business problems, generate and evaluate solutions, and propose a feasible solution.

Objective 2: Our students will understand the nature of business ethics.

Objective 3: Our students will apply relevant principles of ethical behaviors to identify ethical problems and propose appropriate solutions.


Goal 3: Technology Competent

Objective 1: Our students will be proficient with word processing, spreadsheet, database, data communication, internet, financial calculations and presentation software


Goal 4: Business Professionals

Objective 1: Our students will exhibit appropriate professional behaviors in an actual work environment, including: appropriate dress, punctuality, and demeanor.

Objective 2: Our students will be prepared to interview for professional jobs with a quality resume’ and application letter.

Objective 3: Our students will demonstrate effective team behaviors.


Goal 5: Globally and Environmentally Aware

Objective 1: Our students will understand global business frameworks, models, core concepts and best practices in a global environment.

Objective 2: Our students will analyze global potential through country analyses, including: political, cultural, economic, legal, and strategic approaches


Learning Goals and Objectives for the Business Administration Program at the Master's (MBA) Level


Goal 1: Each graduate will demonstrate an understanding of business knowledge (principles, concepts, theories, perspectives) and skills (procedures, methods, strategies, approaches) for each core business discipline, and of the interrelationships among these disciplines.

Objective 1: Graduates know the content knowledge and skills from each required MBA course: Accounting; Finance; Economics; Organizational Behavior; Quantitative Methods; Marketing Management; and Strategic Management (Business Policy).

Objective 2: Graduates demonstrate the formulation and implementation of strategies for sound proposals to improve integrated business processes/operations.


Goal 2: Each graduate demonstrates the capacity to apply the knowledge and skills learned to business situations and problems in domestic and international settings.

Objective 1: Strategic Perspective. Demonstrate the capacity to assess business environments, strengths, opportunities, and threats, and to align business activities/projects in developing and implementing organizational strategy and change in complex and highly competitive conditions.

Objective 2: Critical Thinking. Demonstrate the capacity to identify problems, define objectives, gather and analyze information, evaluate risks and alternatives, make decisions that are ethical and principled-centered.

Objective 3: Communicate Effectively. Presenting and defending mission, vision, values, and one’s analysis, recommendations or plans both orally and in writing.

Objective 4:. Resource Management. Demonstrate the capacity to acquire and manage organizations’ financial, physical, and human capital as well as information, technology and other assets.


Goal 3: Each graduate demonstrates the capacity to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with others both as a colleague, manager/leader and/or follower.

Objective 1: Teamwork and Communication. Demonstrates effective leadership skills in working effectively with others, groups, multicultural teams, including interpersonal oral and written communication.

Objective 2: Group and Organization Effectiveness. Demonstrates the capacity to manage, influence, and lead others, and facilitates their development.