EDUC 5199: Orientation to Advanced Professional Education

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Student Must:

  1. Click here to purchase LiveText (Subscription cost $55 for two years)

Click here to view the LiveText Student Instructional Videos including:


 DO NOT REGISTER UNDER EDUC 2199 course for Undergraduate students only).

EDUC 5199: Orientation to Teacher Education consist of the following:

  • Module 1 - LiveText (ePortfolio)
  • Module 2 - Orientation to Advanced Professional Education
  • Module 3 - Degree Works


COURSE INFORMATION: You will attend this course during Graduate Orientation. The orientation date will be emailed to you before classes start.

NOTE: These course requires access to an ASU Ram account. Please make sure that you have an account and have successfully logged into the account before your scheduled course. You should also have a Ram I.D.

If you have any questions or problems with registration, please call:

Ms. Teresa Walker - (229) 430-1718 or
Ms. Bonnie Chambers - (229) 430-4685 or
Mr. Mike Mathis - (229) 430-4179 or