10 Free Textbook and Audio Book Apps for your iPad

 iPad is establishing itself as one of the best educational  mobile devices of the century. We having been  writing a lot about its potential in education and we have even created a step by step guide on how teachers can leverage this tablet  in their classrooms. But the thing is the more we dig into its secrets the more fascinated we get with all the amazing things it has in store for us in education.


1- eTextbooks for the iPad

textbook apps

This app requires internet. It is a perfect complement to a CourseSmart service. It has just been updated and has now more performance improvements.

2- Textbooks: kno

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This app lets you search for your textbooks, import PDFs and textbooks in one place, uses 3D animations in 2D books, capture, watch and link content from the web directly into your textbook.

3- Inkling

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This is a platofrm for interactive books, rebuilt from the ground up for iPad as well as PC and Mac. Books on Inkling are designed to help you learn just about anything from anatomy to business strategy.

4- Beyond Textbooks

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This app helps students connect to the Social Studies content that they are about to learn through fun interactive games.

5- Google Play Books

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With Google Play Books for iOS start reading today with millions of titles from Google Play on your iPad.

6- Audiobooks

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This app lets you listen to 4,382 classic audiobooks including professionally narrated modern best sellers and hand-selected classcis edited for maximum quality.

7- iTunes U

The iTunes U gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools, plus the world largest digital catalog of free educational content.

8- iBooks
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iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books. It includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest bestelling books or your favourite classics.

9- Kindle
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The Kindle app is optimized for iPad and gives users the ability to read Kindle books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDFs on a beautiful easy to use interface.

10- Nook
textbook apps


Nook app offers an incredible reading experience for Nook Books, magazines and newspapers including New York Times Best Sellers, new releases and hot newstand titles . Technology Resources and Apps for Educators


10 Great Tips on Using iPad Offline

  • Use a voice recording app to record a clip to share with your students
  • Use camera to take pictures for classroom projects
  • Take videos  to share with students
  • Always make sure you have a set of downloaded PDFs or eBooks to read when there is no connectivity
  • Write and save memos
  • Write a blog post for your class and save it till you are plugged and  share it on your classroom blog
  • Use Gmail offline to catch up on the backlog of unread emails