About The Honors Program

The Honors Program intends to serve as an educational catalyst for students to enhance the regular University experience. It focuses on intellectual accomplishment, leadership, education and commitment to community-centered learning.

The primary goals of the Honors Program are:

  • To encourage academic excellence through special courses and seminars;
  • To provide a supportive environment in which young scholars can develop their potential;
  • To encourage advanced study and research under the guidance of , or in partnership with, selected faculty and national leaders; and
  • To expose students to a rich and creative college experience as they engage in various disciplines of academic inquiry and service.
  • To prepare students academically to graduate with high academic honors and enroll in graduate school or gain meaningful employment.
  • To prepare students socially to maintain high self-esteem, exemplary interpersonal skills, sociability, goal attainment and high integrity.


The University expects the Honors Program student to demonstrate the following educational outcomes:

  • A broad acquaintance with the historical and global cultural forces that have shaped world civilization;
  • A thorough and complete knowledge of the historical and cultural development best practices, and the latest trends in his/her field;
  • A high level of competence in the modes of inquiry in the substantive areas of a discipline and concentration;
  • An understanding of the empirical facts and methods of research in his/her major and minor;
  • The ability to effectively communicate what he/she knows; and
  • The ability to think critically, logically and creatively.