ROTC Testimonies

Here in ROTC, we provide a family atmosphere where students can come and feel part of a group. We focus not only on training but developing students into better leaders, scholars and a better person before they came into the program.

2 LT Marques Moore

I joined ROTC for the leadership experience and the opportunity to serve my country.

Cadet Ayodele Oshunkentan

I joined Army ROTC because I love the Army. ROTC will open doors for my future and career.

Cadet Sophia Mudd

I joined ROTC to gain leadership experience and to get the opportunity to travel and meet many people of different cultures.

Cadet Tamika Thornton

ROTC is a spectacular program. It has given me several opportunities to excel in various ways. As a ROTC scholarship recipient, my goals are to be an asset to the program and a commissioned officer in the US Army. I am honored to represent the Wildcat Battalion as Miss ROTC for SY 04-05

Cadet Diana Thomas

I joined ROTC to set a better standard of living for myself. I grew up in poverty and I made a promise to myself to never have to experience that again or my kids. Hooah!

Cadet Donte' Caperton-White

I joined the ROTC program to gain valuable leadership skills that will help me in the business world. While in the program, I have grown physically and mentally through the help of the cadre.

Cadet Jonathan Williams