Bulk & Registered Mail

Bulk Mail is used to mail advertising materials such as brochures, circulars and pamphlets. Because of the possible volume of mail involved, departments/units are instructed to notify the Post Office in advance about Bulk mailings. Postal Clerks must insure that the following UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE rules have been adhered to:

  1. The bulk mail-out consist of two hundred (200) or more pieces of mail or fifty (50) pounds in weight.
  2. All pieces to be mailed are identical in content.
  3. Sort and group each piece according to its five (5) or three (3) digit Zip Code (31705, 317, 29670, 3 0 –3, etc.)
  4. Package ten (10) or more pieces for the same five (5) digit Zip Code into a package. Prepare as many five (5) digit packages as the mailing requires.
  5. Package ten (10) or more pieces for the same three (3) digit Zip Code into Packages. Prepare as many three (3) digit packages as the mailing requires.
  6. If there are ten (10) or more pieces for a state remaining after the five (5) digit and three (3) digit packages have been made, they must be made into state packages.
  7. If there are pieces remaining for two or more states, they must be made into a mixed-state package. 


Registered mail provides security for valuable and important mail and evidence of mailing and delivery. Indemnity in case of loss or damage may be purchased with registered mail service. Registered mail is signed for every time it changes hands, up to and including delivery. It is the most secure service the Postal Service offers.

Do not help the customer prepare or seal mail to be registered. Registered mail is available on first-class and priority mail. Special services available with registered mail are as follows:

  • Insurance
  • Collect on delivery (COD)
  • Restricted delivery
  • Return receipt
  • Special delivery

Mail to be registered must meet these requirements:

  • Complete names and addresses of sender and addressee are on the outside.
  • Face is at least 5 inches long and 3 ½ inches high, regardless of thickness.
  • Intersections of flaps of letter-size envelopes are not covered with any type of paper or cellulose strip or wax or paper seal.
  • Item is securely sealed.
  • Packages are sealed with mucilage, plain paper, or cloth tape.
  • Postage is prepaid at First-Class or Priority Mail rate.
  • Applicable registry fees and additional fees are fully paid.

The following are not accepted for registration:

  • Padded envelopes (except for international mail).