Campus Alert System Sign-Up Instructions

Albany State University is pleased to announce the launch of our Campus Alert System Portal. The purpose of this system is to quickly inform the University community of campus emergencies including severe weather and closings. Please follow the basic instructions below to set up an account and navigate through the portal. Each screen will provide additional information to complete the sign-up process.

1.) Access to the portal is through When the screen appears, it will give you general information about the Campus Alert System and require you to click on the ‘First Time Users’ button to register.Step 1
2.) Clicking on ‘First Time Users’ will display instructions for completing registration requirements. After reading the instructions, go to the bottom of the document and select ‘Click Here To Begin’. After your account has been registered and activated, you will select ‘Registered Users’ to update and maintain your information in the system. 
3.) When the portal opens, first-time users must register by clicking on ‘Sign Me Up!’Step 3
4.) New users must fill in each field in the sign-up form, create an account password, click on the agreement box, and select ‘Continue.’ Use your email address or your active primary email addressstep 4
5.) You will receive the following message informing you to go to the confirmation email address you provided and follow the instructions in that email.Step 5
6.) After you have completed the instructions provided in your email, you will be required to establish three security questions. Answer the three questions and click on ‘Save’.Step 6
7.) You will receive a message that your account has been activated. Click the ‘Login’ button.Step 7
8.) The first screen you will see after successful login will highlight the ‘Find Contacts’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen and requires you to enter your identification code. The identification code for students is RAM ID. Faculty and Staff must enter their EMPLOYEE ID. Then click ‘Submit’.Step 8
9.) You will then be asked to enter your email address or primary phone number. It is recommended that you use your email address entered earlier in the registration process. You will have an opportunity to enter your phone number later under the ‘Contact Info’ tab. Upon completion and verification of your ID, you will receive a message stating a link to your account has been established. 
10.) You can now click on the ‘Contact Info’ tab on the left side of the screen to enter your contact information for phone, text, and emails. 
11.) The ‘Subscriptions’ tab is used to indicate the University you are associated with. 

It is your responsibility to keep your contact information current in the portal. If you experience any problems during the sign-up process, click on the ‘Contact Site Administrator’ link at the bottom of the screen to send an email.

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