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Albany State University is a growing institution whose projected student enrollment will exceed the current business and academic technological capacity to efficiently and effectively support the faculty, staff, and student needs. To address this challenge and associated risks, state-of-the-art information technology and industry standard criterion and practices must be directed to supporting the institution’s strategic objectives, day-to-day operations, and the existing communications and network infrastructure. These newly deployed technologies, standards, and practices will increase the decision-making information to facilitate management of critical resources. The initial goals are to: (1) Facilitate and track student’s experiences through graduation and transition to other institutions of higher education, and / or the work place. (2) Assist faculty, staff, and students in the development and utilization of tools to produce information for academic planning and instruction, advisement, mentoring, training, and business operational needs. (3) Create and maintain a communication infrastructure that promotes innovation and initiative, increases accuracy and availability of information, that is flexible and capable to facilitate mobility and boundary-less information exchange, and provides predictable sustainable consistent technological services for critical business and academic functions. To achieve this goal, the institution’s value-chain management process will be assessed and augmented with the appropriate technological systems (e.g., supply, resource planning, warehouse storage, distribution, and customer relations) to ensure the strategic objectives of the institution are achieved. The information derived from these efforts will further assist the institution’s leadership in managing governance, compliance, and risk to support further growth and expansion, beyond our current capacity and physical limitations so as to impact the surrounding community, state, and nation.

Activity Director: Mr. Erwin Carrow:  email: erwin.carrow@asurams.edu