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The primary mission of this activity is to empower and educate students through career education in preparation for a global workforce. The Office of Career Services will create an environment focused on building students for community and global prominence. Through this activity, students will be assisted to develop self-awareness, improve their decision making, and learn how to develop short and long term career goals. Students will explore and pursue educational opportunities in graduate school. Career pre-service programs will be increased and enhanced to provide hands-on experience for students within the career choice by increasing collaborations with corporations and businesses. Through the five major objectives outlined in this activity, students will develop a greater understanding of the connections between academic coursework and their future career. In addition, students will understand the current labor market and the workforce realities in today's economy. Ultimately, students will become more career-focused, better informed; thus, gaining a sense of achievement and have greater ownership of their career choices.

Activity Director: Ms. Glorya Williams:  email: glorya.williams@asurams.edu