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Assessment, analysis, and accreditation triangulate to provide a strong support for continuous quality improvement. The purpose of this activity is to enhance the availability of information useful for data supported decision making at Albany State University while developing capacity to effectively assess and document resulting quality improvement. Analysis and dissemination of information provides information necessary for campus leaders to make decisions that foster student success. Use of information for decision making promotes discovery of opportunities to enhance opportunities for all University stakeholders. Strategies for integrating data into the ASU decision making culture will include an annually updated fact book, submission of external surveys to support benchmarking, peer analysis to identify best practices, and dissemination of accurate and timely information to campus stakeholders proactively by using collaboratively designed and regularly delivered reports to decision makers. Ongoing assessment is critical to transforming the learning culture to one that encourages developmentally focused teaching-coaching and fostering success of all learners. Albany State University focuses the assessment plan on meeting regional accreditation requirements, cyclical comprehensive assessment of all programs and divisions, data and process support of individual program accreditation efforts, and continuous student learning outcome assessment.

Activity Director: Dr. Linda Grimsley:  email: linda.grimsley@asurams.edu