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This activity will significantly impact student retention and achievement at Albany State University (ASU). The activity will include (1) continued development of the two credit-hour ASU 1201 Foundations of College Success course, which lays the foundation for academic success and self-potential; (2) a lecture series program that provides all ASU students access to distinguished lecturers and an atmosphere that directly engages students in intellectually stimulating discourse for learning beyond the classroom. The ASU 1201 course is aligned with these lectures; and (3) the Velma Fudge Grant Honors Program that has a goal to develop academic scholars that are prepared for success in graduate/professional school and/or a career in their major areas. This activity provides access to special extracurricular programs, opportunities to pursue independent projects and research interests, professional experiences through internship programs, career exploration and service learning options. To improve teaching and learning, this activity will implement researched-based best practices faculty workshops involving assessment and evaluation, developing quality instruction and learning and preparing for academic tenure and promotion. Faculty Learning Communities will be developed.

Director: Dr. Melvin Shelton: email: melvin.shelton@asurams.edu