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Albany State University values quality learning, teaching, research, and service as cornerstones to our University experience. The University over the next five years is committed to providing innovative educational programs and services to meet the diverse educational needs of its students. This activity will fund the undergirding of these programs including learning communities, faculty in critical areas, and undergraduate research. Faculty and staff development will also be provided in order to strengthen our human resource base. This activity will also assist in the establishment of four Centers of Excellence in the areas of Social Justice, Innovation, Community Engagement and Process Improvement. The centers will serve as a resource hub in supporting research, global learning and global affairs, innovative teaching and learning, and best business practices. It will benefit our students, faculty and administrators as well as external stakeholders within the 24-county service area. This activity will support the assurance of quality customer service as a strategic business objective.

Activity Director: Mrs. Connie Leggett: email: connie.leggett@asurams.edu