Center for Advanced Logistics Management (CALM)

Center for Advanced Logistics Management (CALM)

Welcome to the Center for Advanced Logistics Management (CALM)

at Albany State University (ASU). The center was established in 2009 to meet the needs of the U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA, the local community, and local and state industry. The purpose of the CALM is to enhance the professional capability of logisticians by addressing the problems associated with the compartmentalized nature of logistics and by helping logisticians think and operate in cross-functional environments. The CALM does this through its partnership with industry logistics leaders.

Under the guidance of the CALM board members, Albany State University established a Bachelor's degree program in Supply Chain and Logistics Management (SCLM). This program allows learners to develop an understanding of supply chain and logistics management principles and theory and to develop their skills in this exciting field through an integrated learning process that allows them to build experiences inside a virtual, multi-national company used to simulate a complete business environment. For each of the seven courses included in the SCLM degree program, students become virtual interns required to address a variety of specific problems using an enterprise level, cross-functional approach. Instructors in this process become mentors not only teaching theories and principles, but assisting the learners in problem-solving.

In addition to ASU's SCLM degree program, CALM staff members are currently assisting faculty members of the College of Business create professional and graduate level certificate programs that will allow ASU to continue to meet the needs of busy professionals and academics seeking to enhance their careers through continued learning.

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