ASU Police Credentials

The primary responsibility of The ASU Police Department is to safe guard the lives and property of the faculty staff, students and visitors. This is accomplished by providing law enforcement services throughout the campus twenty-four hours (24) a day, seven days a week throughout the year.

In an effort to meet the demands of the growing campus, The ASU Police Department patrols the campus, in vehicles, on bicycles and foot within their assigned zones. The officers of the department are dispatched via a communications center when a call is received requesting information or assistance. The ASU Police Department conducts safety seminars in all areas of safety on a regular basis. We also welcome requests from any member of the campus for seminars. As you get to know the personnel of the department, you will note that they perform not only law enforcement services; but incorporate campus orientated services as well. These services include but are not limited to: campus escorts, vehicle emergency assistance and off campus escorts for emergency treatment.

The ASU Police Department is staffed with a Chief, Assistant Chief, Major, Captain, two (2) Lieutenants, five (5) Sergeants, Patrol Officers, Security Officers, Communication Officers/ Dispatchers, a Parking monitor, and a departmental Secretary.All officers of The ASU Police Department are state certified police officers.


The powers of authority for The ASU Police Department are assigned from the Georgia Code annotated, section 32-168:

Authority of ASU Police and other security personnel to make arrest on campus property and on property within 500 yards thereof. The ASU Police Department personnel of the University System of Georgia who are regular employees of the University System of Georgia shall have the power to make arrest for offenses committed upon any property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. (Acts 1968.p.370; 1974, p.611)


Georgia law provides University and campus police arrest powers for offenses committed on university Systems Property and includes jurisdiction over offenses committed on any public or private property within 500 yards of any property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The law enforcement efforts of the Albany State University Police will be generally be confined to properties of ASU. Jurisdictional authority for property within 500 yards of any property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of the University System will be utilized only at the request of other agencies having original jurisdiction, or in a situation jeopardizing the life and property safety, or in other emergency situations.

Outside Agency Cooperation:

The ASU Police Department works closely with its sister agencies, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (G.B.I.) and the Georgia State Patrol (G.S.P.). The department also works closely with local law enforcement and federal agencies: the City of Albany Police Department, The Dougherty County Sheriff's Department, District Attorney's office, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and United States Secret Service, and other State College/University Law Enforcement Agencies.

The following are links to organizations of which we are currently members.  The organizations' websites can provide you with more information regarding resources for training and up to date changes in Georgia Law Enforcement that help to keep our department on the cutting edge.  Feel free to visit these sites and gain more information about what we do.  As always, we welcome questions, concerns, comments and compliments.  Visit our Contact Us page to email us at any time.

Officers Training:

The officers of The ASU Police Department come to the department with varied backgrounds, not only in law enforcement, but military experience as well. The majority of the departmental personnel are college graduates holding academic degrees in areas of Management, Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Education. Several are currently enrolled at ASU.

All members of The ASU Police Department attend specialized training beyond the state-mandated requirements for their continued certification. These areas of training include but are not limited to: campus law enforcement training, community oriented policing, criminal investigation, crime prevention, bicycle patrol, first aid and C.P.R, cultural diversity and emergency management training.

Security and Access to campus Facilities:

Access to campus facilities is restricted to faculty, staff, and students after normal business hours. The campus also enforces a mandatory identification check after 10:30 p.m. for any person attempting to enter campus. Only persons with appropriate identification are allowed access to the campus. The appropriate campus administrator must authorize access to various areas of the campus. The ASU Police Department is responsible for the security of all the campus facilities.

The ASU Police Department will handle emergency as well as routine telephone and radio communications via the department's dispatchers. By way of radio communication with the local 911 center; prompt response to medical, fire, and other emergencies is assured.

Drug Free Campus Policy:

ASU is committed to support and comply with the drug free schools and communities act amendments of 1989 (public law 10-226, section 22, subpart b) as an institution of higher education. The law under this act now covers both drugs and alcohol, and relates to faculty staff and students. Therefore, the entire ASU campus is under the mandate to comply. ASU aggressively promotes and requires a drug free campus among its faculty, staff and student body. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of illegal drugs or alcohol by ASU employees, students, and visitors is prohibited by institutional policy. Violations of this policy, including felony and or misdemeanor drug or alcohol convictions during the course of employment or as a student enrolled in any academic program at Albany State University, may result in appropriate disciplinary penalties being imposed by the University, up to and including termination of employment or expulsion and referral for prosecution through the appropriate judicial system of Dougherty County.

Also make note that persons under the age of twenty-one (21) years of age commit a misdemeanor, (State Law Violation) when found in possession of alcohol.

Possession or Use of Firearm or Lethal Weapons:

The University prohibits the possession or use of privately owned firearms or lethal weapons on campus, including those in vehicles. ASU Police will initiate the appropriate criminal action against any person found in violation of this state felony law. (Georgia code 16-11-127.1)

Reporting Procedures:

All crimes that occur on the campus of Albany State University along with all suspicious activities should be reported at once to The ASU Police Department. This can be done via the telephone or in person. The ASU Police Department is fully operational 24 hours a day.

Should an assault or a sexual assault take place, it should be reported to ASU Police immediately. If an assault occurs, please do not disturb the scene by clearing or removing any evidence, which could be used to pursue the case. Notify ASU Police as soon as possible. The ASU Police Department in conjunction with the office of Student Affairs will arrange counseling and other treatment. Also, any changes in your living situation or academic situation will be made accordingly.

The telephone numbers for contacting ASU Police:

430-4711 office or 911 (Center)

When reporting crimes or suspicious activities to ASU Police, be sure to give the following information:

  1. Nature of the incident
  2. Persons involved in the incident
  3. The number from where you are calling
  4. Your name and address for the police record
  5. Any noticeable injury
  6. Any noticeable weapon (s)
  7. Any information you feel is necessary or important

All crimes that occur on the campus or information pertinent to the safety of the campus community will be reported through news releases and the student newspaper.

Safety Programs:

ASU Police shall present the following safety programs on a regular basis as well as provide these programs upon the request from any campus department or organization:

The safety programs are:

  1. Drugs / Alcohol abuse and prevention
  2. Sexual Assault Prevention
  3. Campus Watch
  4. Crime Prevention
  5. Theft Prevention
  6. Civil Liability for Student Organizations
  7. Domestic Violence Prevention

To request a safety program presentation, simply submit to the director of ASU Police a written request at least five (5) working days in advance and the Director or his designee will advise you on the availability of an internal or external instruction.

Safety tips for students:

  1. Immediately report any crime, suspected crime, or suspicious circumstances/person to ASU Police day or night.
  2. Never leave your personal property unattended.If leaving your room lock the door.If in any classroom, office or in the library, take your possessions with you.
  3. When walking on or off campus at night, employ the "Buddy System" and walk with friends.Also, let friends know when and where you are going, how long you are going to be gone and what time you are expected to return.This alerts them if you are overdue and also gives them a reference point to locate you.
  4. Park your vehicle in a lighted parking area. Always lock your vehicle. Do not forget to take the keys out of the ignition. Do not leave CD's, tapes or other valuables in plain sight. Lock them in the trunk or take them with you.
  5. Properly lock and secure your bicycle to a bike rack. Use a strong chain and lock.