Meet the President

With each passing day, I am learning more about Albany State University's many historic achievements and esteemed alumni. The more I discover, the prouder I become. I am proud not only of the accomplishments of yesteryear but also of the academic and athletic successes of recent years. I heartily applaud those accomplishments. But know that this is no time for resting on past laurels. We must look to the future with an intense focus on how we can continue to fulfill the dream of Dr. Holley and those who have dedicated their lives to the work of producing men and women who are able, agile and ambitious to an uncommon degree.

ASU is not perfect. No college or university is. ASU's founders and countless supporters throughout the years knew, just as we know, that no institution that brings men and women, young and old, together for intellectual debate and discovery is free of problems. Disagreements will erupt and linger far longer than they should. People will be misunderstood. Mistakes will be made. Feelings will be hurt. But ASU is far more important and significant than any one person. In the vernacular of our youth, ASU has and will continue to "live large" because it has a good scent about it.

I am looking forward to your arrival and teaming up with our faculty, staff, and alumni, but I am especially eager for you to get to know the ASU student body. I fully expect ASU to give you a warm welcome as you join our beloved institution of higher learning.


Dr. Freeman