University Logos & Seals

University logos and seals are not available for download but you may request a logo via email. One- and two-color logos are available in JPG, EPS and other formats as needed. Please read following information about visual identity and proceed to the request form.

A strong visual identity program is important for Albany State University to maintain a clear and consistent image before the public. The logo and its associated marks and graphics have been chosen to project the quality that the university offers, and it is important that they not be altered or used in ways that will reduce their effectiveness or compromise their legal standing. These visual identity guidelines exist to assist everyone in using the logo and its associated marks and graphics correctly on publications, stationery, business cards, signs and other graphics, and media, including television, to all of the groups and individuals with whom we communicate. All Albany State University trademarks (the logo, athletic spirit mark, names, and seal) are the property of the University System of Georgia. Federal trademark law requires that the use of any trademark be monitored in order to maintain legal claim to that mark. Board of Regents policy requires individual institutions such as Albany State University to assume administration of their own marks. The rules and procedures included in these visual identity guidelines are necessary to protect and administer those marks. Every user of Albany State University trademarks is considered a guardian of the university's right to the marks and a guardian of the university's public image. Every user is therefore asked to adhere to the standards outlined here. The logo and nameplate are for use on letterhead, business cards and all printed materials. The seal is reserved as the official symbol for the university, to be used on diplomas, certificates and other official documents, and for other special purposes as approved by the Office of University Communications or the Office of the President.

All of these marks must bear the appropriate TM or ® mark, whenever possible. This policy applies to any individual or group using any Albany State University mark for any purpose. This includes students, faculty, all departments, all divisions, townspeople, businesses, nonprofit organizations, alumni groups, athletics, booster groups, fraternities, sororities, printers, and manufacturers—in short, everyone who uses a Albany State University mark.

The Office of University Communications can assist you with the use of our marks. University Communications can provide you with camera-ready artwork or digital images. Please use these marks in accordance with these guidelines when you prepare visual materials. If you have questions concerning this program, please call the Office of University Communications at (229) 430-4671.

Your faithful observance of these guidelines is vital to our efforts to communicate the image of Albany State University. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Albany State University Logo Guidelines

Improper Use

  1. The ASU Logo must not be altered in any way.
  2. Do not place the logo in a containing graphic shape that floats on a page or that floats within a plain area.
  3. Do not place the logo in a background color with insufficient contrast.
  4. Do not place the logo in a background with a coarse texture or background that may obscure the logo.
  5. Do not stretch or condense the logo. Resize proportionately.
  6. Do not change the color.
  7. Do not separate the type from the icon in any way.

Appropriate Use

To achieve maximum readability and visual impact, the logo must be surrounded by an appropriate amount of clear space, or control area. No graphics or copy are permitted in this area. The control area should be a minimum of the x-height on all sides. The exact dimension of the control area will vary depending upon the size of the logo you are using. You may use a larger control area than specified, but never smaller.