Campus Committees

The purpose of this document is to provide a roster of committees for Albany State University. This document comprises all official committees of the institution. The general charge for all committees is to effect the mission of the institution and to support overall institutional effectiveness.  Institutional Committees are expected to meet at least once per semester and more often

if necessary Committees may transact business by email or correspondence in lieu of meetings at a specified location. Standing Committee Meeting Minutes Guidelines

1. Within two weeks after a committee’s meeting, minutes are sent electronically to all committee’s members for review.

2. Any additions, deletions and/or corrections are incorporated into the minutes by the Committee secretary and are electronically redistributed to the committee membership and the Chair. This should be accomplished within four-six weeks of the meeting.

3. A committee’s recommendations requiring consideration by the President will be forwarded by the Chair to the Executive Cabinet for review and consideration.

For the complete committee roster, please click here.