How To Deposit Money On Ram Card

RamBucks deposits may be made in the Business Office at the cashier’s window located in the ACAD building, room 284 or in the PHIL (located in the JC Reese Student Union Building). There is no minimum balance or service charges required on the RamBucks account.

The RamCard accepts deposits by cash and credit cards only. Cash deposits should be a minimum of $1.00; credit cards, $10.00. All cash deposits are available for immediate use. There are no cash refunds from the RamBucks account, except for cardholders withdrawing from school or employment.

Deposits at Business Office

  1. Take cash or major credit card to cashier’s window
  2. Cashier deposits funds onto students, faculty or staff account (provide Ram ID number)
  3. Funds are available immediately for use

Deposits at PHIL

  1. Swipe card at machine
  2. Select deposit option
  3. Add/Insert the desired amount ($1, $5, $10, $20)
  4. Funds are available immediately