Education Leadership Admissions & Programs

Educational Leadership M.Ed. Masters Program

The graduate program in Educational Leadership leads to a Masters degree in Education. The M.Ed. degree program lists a minimum of 36 semester hours of coursework to be completed within six years from the date of enrollment. A maximum of nine semester hours may be earned as transfer credits. These credits must be indicated on the student’s planned program during the first semester of enrollment as a graduate student admitted in full status. Students are expected to confer with their advisor each semester. In advance of the expected date of graduation, the student is expected to apply for graduation with the Registrar’s Office.
For admission to the Masters Degree in Educational Leadership Program requirements, see Program Fact Sheet below. Educational Leadership_M Ed. Fact Sheet Educational Leadership M.Ed. Program Check Sheet

Educational Leadership (Ed.S) Specialist Program

The Education Specialist Program in Educational Leadership leads to a Specialist degree in Education (Ed.S) and a performance-based level 6 (PL-6) certification in the state of Georgia. The program includes a personalized set of field and academic experiences designed to assist students in developing a high level of knowledge and skills as school principals, curriculum directors, subject area supervisors, central school district administrators and supervisory staff members. The student may choose the building level or system level specialization. At the building level, students are not only prepared for basic managerial and instructional leadership responsibilities, they also have opportunities to specialize in a more narrowly defined area of instructional management. At the system level, students will be prepared for administrative or supervisory positions in the school district office. The program design facilitates this by uniquely configuring both academic and field experiences for each student to emphasize the student’s desired specialization. Further, all courses in Educational Leadership will include performance-based activities which the student may complete at either the building or the system level based on his/her specializations. The program is designed for persons who have earned a Masters degree and hold a leadership position/role in an education setting. A minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit beyond the Master degree is required to complete the program. Only those courses taken after admission to the Ed.S. program may be used to fulfill the requirement of the Ed.S. degree, which includes applicable transfer credits. Credit usable in the planned program must not be more than six years old at the time the degree is completed. A maximum of 6 semester credit hours of transfer credit from an approved institution offering the performance-based Ed.S. degree may be approved for inclusion in the planned Ed.S. Program. For admission to the Educational Leadership Program requirements, see Program Fact Sheet below.

Educational Leadership_Ed.S Fact Sheet Educational Specialist Program
Ed.S - Building Level Add-on to 6 or 7 year Ed.S - District Level Add-on to 6 or 7 year

Must also submit completed ASU Superintendent’s Assurance Form.