School Counseling Faculty 


Dr. Carolyn W. Rollins, CRC, NCC
Dr. Carolyn W. Rollins is an associate professor of school counseling and program coordinator. Dr. Rollins received her master’s degree in counseling from the University of Illinois-Springfield and completed her doctorate in rehabilitation at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.   Dr. Rollins serves on the Commission for Rehabilitation Counselor Certification and chairs the American Counseling Association’s Member Benefits Task Force. Dr. Rollins is past president of the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association and the National Council on Rehabilitation Education. She has served in a broad range of rehabilitation counseling and counseling professional organizations roles including ACA’s Governing Council representative, the ARCA Executive Council, and accreditation team leader. Dr. Rollins’ publications include articles in refereed journals, book chapters, and monographs. Her interests include advocacy and disability issues; diversity and multicultural issues; ethics; organizational and staff development; program evaluation, and the application of technology in education and training. One of her favorite roles is mentoring rehabilitation counseling students. 

Arline Edwards-Joseph, NCC, LPC
Dr. Arline Edwards-Joseph is from the twin island nation of Antigua and Barbuda in the West Indies. There she worked as a school counselor, an addiction counselor, and a college counselor.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at North Carolina Central University and a Master of Education in School Counseling also from North Carolina Central University. She earned her doctorate degree in Counselor Education from North Carolina State University, in 2008. She was an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education at Georgia Southern University for five years before coming to Albany State University in the fall of 2013.  Her research interests include international issues in both mental health and school counseling as well as counselor education. Her passion leads her to research issues such as international students studying in the United States, immigrant populations in the United States and counseling in the Caribbean.  She is a certified school counselor and a National Certified Counselor. She currently serves on the International committee of the ACA.  She is Master Trainer Mental Health Facilitator for the National Board for Certified Counselors International. 

Dr. Quiteya D. Walker, CRC
is an Assistant Professor in Counseling at Albany State University. She is a graduate of South Carolina State University with both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation Counseling, respectively. She earned her PhD in Counseling, Rehabilitation, and Student Development from The University of Iowa.  Dr. Walker currently serves in several professional organizations, to include, The American Counseling Association, The American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA) where she serves as secretary, and Counselors for Social Justice, to name a few.  Certified as a Rehabilitation Counselor, Dr. Walker is committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through research and educating professional counselors.

Dr. Rhonda M. Bryant, LPC, NCSC, CCMHC
Dr. Rhonda Bryant is an associate professor of school counseling. She earne
d a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from the University of Virginia and holds national and state credentials including licensure as a professional counselor, and certification as a school counselor, and clinical mental health counselor. With expertise in social justice and counseling, Dr. Bryant has presented at numerous local, state, and national counseling conventions on topics including systemic change and school counselors; school counselors and advocacy; mental health disparities and minority children; and establishing school to home partnerships that work. She is the member of several counseling organizations and holds leadership positions in the American Counseling Association division, Counselors for Social Justice (President, 2012-2013; President-Elect, 2011-2012), the Georgia School Counseling Association (Editor, Georgia School Counselors Association Journal, 2009-present), and serves on state and local committees charged with improving school counseling in the state of Georgia. Dr. Bryant has also published research in peer-refereed journals including the Journal of Counseling and Development, Professional School Counseling, and Urban Education. Passionate about closing the expectations gap, she has used her teaching, research, and service to improve educational outcomes for all students, but with special attention to disenfranchised and marginalized students and families. 


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