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School Counseling Program


The mission of the School Counseling Program at Albany State University is to produce professional School Counselors who are proactive in promoting student achievement, equity, and access for all students. Focused on preparing professional counselors who have a strong counselor identity, the program uses flexible learning modalities with courses offered face to face, hybrid, and fully online. We offer a competitive 48-hour program that is approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and accredited by the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Graduates qualify for the Department’s endorsement for initial certification by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission as a school counselor (T-5).
Program faculty remain committed to student achievement and maintain active in the counseling profession by providing service, development, and conducting research If you have any questions, please inform the interim program coordinator, Dr. Carolyn Rollins  at
Program Objectives

Objective 1.
The program will prepare candidates who demonstrate a professional identity consistent with professional school counseling and is based on an understanding of historical, current, and emerging trends that shape the counseling profession.
Objective 2.
The program will offer curricular and co-curricular opportunities that provide candidates opportunities to develop knowledge and skills that are meaningful and relevant in serving students in a multicultural pluralistic society and diverse P-12 settings.
Objective 3.
The program will prepare reflective practitioners who integrate theory into practice through the application of counseling, learning, and motivational theories; data driven decision-making; and the infusion of technology.
Objective 4.
 Program candidates will identify systemic barriers that impede the development of a comprehensive school counseling program and students’ ability to access educational opportunities and advocate for the removal of these barriers.
Objective 5
Counseling faculty will develop professional growth and learning opportunities for practitioners in Southwest Georgia and beyond.