Music Major Audition Requirements Music Major Audition Requirements

Welcome!  We are pleased to know of your interest in applying to the Division of Music at Albany State University.


All applicants must be considered for admission to Albany State University, submit all required supplementary information, and audition or interview before their audition is considered official.  Please contact the Registrar's Office at (229) 430-4600 or the Music Office at (229) 430-4849 if you have questions.

Recorded Auditions

In the event that an applicant is unable to present an in-person audition, a video or audio recording may be considered.  The recording must adhere to the same requirements (i.e., scales, etudes, solo and recommendation letter from high school band director) as with the in-person audition.  If the applicant is granted entrance to the Division of Music, an in-person audition is required within the first month of their first semester at Albany State University.

The below listed requirements are for the Freshman level.  Transfer students will be assessed and entrance level (sophmore, junior, and senior) will be determined during audition performance.


Instrumental Music Majors (Brass and Woodwinds)


  • Scales and arpeggios  
  • At least one (1) etude or solo work
  • Sight-reading
  • Recommendation Letter from current high school band director                                                               


Percussion Music Majors 


  • Scales on mallet instruments
  • Rudiments on snare drum and/or timpani
  • Prepared solo
  • Sight-reading
  • Recommendation Letter from current high school band director 


Instrumental Majors please contact Dr. Kenneth Trimmins (229)-430-3659 with questions and to schedule an audition date and time.

Piano Music Majors


  • Two (2) memorized works of contrasting styles
  • Sight-reading


Piano Majors please contact Dr. Mimi Noda (229) 430-1870 with questions and to schedule an audition date and time.


Vocal Major Requirements

Entering Freshmen:

Students seeking to be admitted as vocal majors on the freshmen level must audition with two (2) prepared pieces of music. Both pieces must be memorized and performed with piano accompaniment. The first piece should be from the art song (classical) genre. The second piece could be another art song, or a piece from the musical theatre repertoire. It is not required for students to perform in a foreign language. 

Transfer Students:

Students transferring to ASU from other institutions are expected to perform at the level they wish to enter. They are also required to audition with memorized pieces performed with piano accompaniment. 

Sophomore level – 3 pieces, 2 languages represented.

Junior level – 4 pieces, 3 languages represented

Senior level – 5 pieces, 4 languages represented.


Auditioning students may bring their own accompanists, or ASU will provide an accompanist. Please arrange to arrive early enough to rehearse your music with the accompanist prior to your audition.

Vocal Majors please contact Dr. Deanna Weber (229) 430-4854 with questions and to schedule an audition date and time.

 Preparing For Your Audition

It is important that while preparing for your audition you realize the importance of doing your absolute best.  Below are links to a few websites that might help you achieve better scores and higher placement during your audition.


For more information please contact our Music Office at (229) 430-4849.