Speech & Theater

The curriculum of the Speech and Theater Division of the Department of Fine Arts has been designed to provide maximum flexibility in meeting the interests and career objectives of our students. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Theater offers two concentrations: Speech Concentration and Theater Concentration. Students with specific objectives (law, radio and television announcing or politics) may consult with faculty for advice on a program of study which would best serve their career ambitions. Each of the Concentrations has specific requirements, including dramatic performances, qualifying exams, and oral presentations. Students in both concentrations are required to have a grade point average of 2.25 or better to enter and exit the Bachelor of Arts program, and a grade of C or better is required in all major courses. Majors must also pass the Regents' Test and Departmental Exit Examination.

Just what can you do with a degree in Speech and Theater? You set your own limitations. If you have the drive talent, and initiative to see your dreams through, then there are no limitations to what you can do. A degree in Speech & Theater prepares the graduate for an almost unlimited number of career possibilities. Practical skills are learned in areas of performance, education and communication, such as.

Professional Theater : Actor, Director, Costume Designer, Make-up Artist, Puppeteer, Play Stage Manger, House Box Office Manager, Producer, Master Electrician, Shop Foreman, P

rompter, Lighting Technician, Carpenter, Publicity, Coordinator, etc.

Arts Administration : Public Relations Director, Festival Coordinator, Artistic Director, Business Manager, Special Events Coordinator, Program Planner, etc.

Education : Vocal Coach, Drama Instructor, Dramaturge, Dialects Coach Recreation Director, Lecturer, Children's Theater Director, etc.

General Business : Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Color Analyst, Sales Representative, Product Demonstrator, Property Manager, Spokesperson, Personal Manager, Advertising Account Executive, Convention and Meetings Coordinator, Program Planner, etc.

Communication and Media : Casting Agent, Reporter, Sound Technician, Disc Jockey, Recording Engineer, Interpersonal Communications Specialist, Entertainer, Personal Manger, etc.

Are there performance opportunities at Albany State? Are you kidding? Albany State 's theater performances are always a big hit on the campus and in the community. The Albany State University Theater Ensemble puts on three major performances per year. And after our students finish playing in Albany , usually to a full house; they take the show on the road.

What does Albany State offer the Speech & Theater Major? Albany State University will offer you a well-rounded education in speech and theater. At Albany State, we'll provide you with:

  • Training and experiences in theater at various levels according to your needs
  • Course work in performance, dramatic literature, speech, and creative studies
  • A laboratory for student and faculty creative development
  • Facilities and equipment adequate to the need of your training program
  • Three full productions annually
  • The opportunity to participate and compete in state, regional, and national competitions
  • Membership in the leading theater and speech organizations in America .

For more information or for audition information, contact the Albany State Department of Fine Arts at 229-430-4849.