The Albany State University Symphonic Band The Albany State University Symphonic Band
                 The Symphonic Band
              Dr. Michael Martin, Conductor
Participation in performance organizations relative to the student's area of applied specialty is required of all undergraduate majors. Music majors may enter the discipline either at the freshman or transfer level. It is important for entering freshman music majors to identify themselves before or upon registration, as an audition is required for acceptance into the program.
"Performing excellence", aptly describes the creative activities of Albany State 's faculty and performing organizations. Albany State’s music faculty are noted scholars and master teachers who also have successful, active national and international performing careers. One of the premier instrumental ensembles at Albany State University is the Symphonic Band
The Symphonic Band is comprised of mostly music majors but is opened to all musicians that pass the audition near the latter part of the Fall semester.  This group performs difficult repertoire and is requested at many university approved events.  Students must pass an audition to participate in the Symphonic Band.

    For more information contact Dr. Michael Martin for more information: (229) 430-3658