Health & Physical Education Department

Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Health & Physical Education - Teaching (Checksheet)
B.S. in Health & Physical Education - Teaching  (Course Rotation)

Graduate Programs

M.Ed. in Health & Physical Education - Teaching (Checksheet)
M.Ed. in Health & Physical Education - Teaching  (Course Rotation)

B.S. Courses 

AREA G:  Physical Education (26 hours)
PEDH 1000-2000*Skills Courses 7
PEDH 2213Intro to HPER 3
PEDH 3384*Adapted Physical Education & Diversity in the Classroom3
PEDH 3394Psychology of Coaching 3
PEDH 4460Kinesiology 3
PEDH 4470Physiology of Exercise 3
PEDH 4480Major Seminar & Practice 1
PEDH 4482Tests and Measurements 3
* Guided Physical Education Activity Courses  
AREA H: Health Education Courses (8 hours)
HEDP 1001Intro to Wellness 1
HEDP 2250Drug Education 2
HEDP 2267First Aid and Safety 2
HEDP 3660Current Issues in Health 3
AREA I: Education Courses (26 hours)
EDUC 3306Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 3350Public School Health 3
ECEC 3352Materials & Methods in Early Childhood Physical Education 3
EDUC 3363Methods & Materials Secondary PE 3
EDUC 4400Prep for Teaching 2
EDUC 4412Student Teaching 12
SPED 3230Cont Perspec Except Students 3
Total required for graduation (125 hours)


M.Ed Courses 
Area A - Nature of the Learner (Minimum of 3 semester hours)
PSYC 5515Educational Psychology
PSYC 5555Conditions of Learning
PSYC 5509Introduction to Behavior Modification
Area B - Programs and Problems of the School (Minimum of 3 semester hours)
EDUC 5504History of Education
EDUC 5509Philosophy of Education
EDUC 5538Curriculum Planning
EDUC 5540Curriculum Principles
Area C - Teaching Field (Minimum of 21 semester hours)
HEDP   5532**Environmental Health Aspects 
HEDP   5578*Concepts in Health and Education 
HEDP   5519**Sex Education
HEDP   5580**Drug Education
PEDH   5520Foundations and Trends in Physical Education
PEDH   5522Cultural Aspects of Sports
PEDH   5521Motor Learning
PEDH   5528Psychology of Physical Activity
PEDH   5536Facilities and Equipment
PEDH   5541Health and Physical Education for Young Child
PEDH   5550*Physiology of Fitness
PEDH   5551*Mechanical Analysis of Human Motion
PEDH   5555Measurement in Physical Education
PEDH   5565Physical Education and the Handicapped Child
PEDH   5581Directed Reading and Research in Physical Education
PEDH   5583Research Design
PEDH   5596*Seminar I 
PEDH    5599Master’s Thesis
Area D - Educational Research and Statistics (Minimum of 3 semester hours) 
EDUC   5500*Educational Statistics 
EDUC   5501*Educational Research
Area E - Electives (Minimum of 6 semester hours)
* Courses required unless previously fulfilled
** Six hours must be in a supportive area (Health)