Recreation Program Overview 

Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Health & Physical Education & Recreation (Checksheet)
B.S. in Health & Physical Education & Recreation (Course Rotation)

B.S Course Syllabi  
AREA G: Physical Education Theory Courses 26 hours
PEDH 1000-2000*    Skills Courses 8
PEDH 2213Intro to HPER 3
PEDH 3384*Adapted Phys Ed & Diversity in the Classroom 3
PEDH 3394Psychology of Coaching 3
PEDH 4460Kinesiology 3
PEDH 4470Physiology of Exercise 3
PEDH 4482Tests & Measurements 3
*Guided Physical Education activity courses.  
AREA H: Health Education 11 hours
HEDP 1001Intro to Wellness 1
HEDP 2250Drug Education 2
HEDP 2267First Aid and Safety Education 2
EDUC 3350Public School Health 3
HEDP 3660Current Issues in Health 3
AREA I: Recreation Courses 15 hours
RECD 2075Outdoor Recreation 3
RECD 3045Recreation  Facility/Equipment and Design 3
RECD 4002Recreation  for Special  Population 3
RECD 4090Administration and Supervision of  Recreation 3
RECD 4095Recreation Practicum 3
Electives  5 hours
PEDH 2214Games of Low Organization 2
PEDH 2272Fund Coaching Football/Soccer 2
PEDH 2276Fund Coaching Basketball/Volleyball 3
Total required for graduation 125 hours