MSW Application Procedure Applicant materials are sent to individuals requesting information regarding the MSW Program at Albany State University. Applicants must apply to both the Albany State University "Office of Recruitment, Admission and Financial Aid" and to the Department of Social Work's Master of Social Work [MSW] Program. Two application packages, therefore, must be completed:

  1. the "ASU Application for Admission into Graduate Studies," and
  2. the Master of Social Work Application packet.

The Admissions Application for the Master of Social Work Program contains several forms that must be completed prior to the evaluation for admission. Admission Requirements Applicants requesting admission into the MSW Program must meet the following requirements and complete the following forms:

  1. I. Application Materials Sent to the ASU Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid:
    1. An "Application for Admission to the Graduate program at Albany State University." This application is completed and sent to the Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid.
    2. A $20 non-refundable application fee. DO NOT submit this fee to the Department of Social Work or the Master of Social Work Program.
    3. An official transcript indicating completion of a bachelor's degree from every regionally-accredited college or university attended.
    4. A score on the Miller Analogy Test [MAT] of 374 or better. The MAT scores must have been earned within the past five [5] years. DO NOT submit the test scores to the Department of Social Work or the Master of Social Work Program.
    5. Two current letters of reference.
    6. Pre-Entrance Medical Records and Certification of Immunization. The Health Services Student Clinic ensures that all students entering Albany State University are current on all required immunizations. A copy of that record must be included in the ASU Application package sent directly to the Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a "hold" being placed on the Student's registration, preventing the Student from completing the registration process.
  2. Application Materials Sent to the Department of Social Work's MSW Admissions Committee:
    1. An official transcript from every regionally-accredited college or university attended. The Applicant's undergraduate education must reflect a sound liberal arts foundation, including at least 21 credits in humanities, the social sciences, the behavioral sciences, and the biological sciences. The transcript must show a grade point average of 3.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale) for the last 60 credits of academic course work. [NOTE: Any student prior to admission or during their course of study may be required to demonstrate English proficiency through submission of a satisfactory score on a test designated by the Chair of the Department of Social Work. Students whose written or spoken English proficiency is marginal in relation to the communication skills needed for effective graduate-level social work practice may be required to seek instruction outside of the Department of Social Work to bring his/her communication skills up to an acceptable level.]
    2. Three professional letters of recommendation. These letters are from persons who can address the Applicant's ability and potential for successful graduate education and professional social work practice (e.g., former professors, employment supervisors, etc.). These letters must carefully address the items as outlined in the "Letters of Reference" section of the MSW application packet. These letters are in addition to the reference letters required by the University's Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid.
    3. Completion of the Personal Narrative Statement. This section must carefully follow the outline in the MSW application packet.
    4. A current professional resume. The Applicant will submit a current resume that includes her/his complete work history. The Applicant is asked to include a notation to explain any gaps in the work history.
    5. Personal Interview. In some cases, a personal interview with the MSW Admissions Committee may be required of an Applicant in order to better-evaluate his/her potential for successful completion of the graduate program in social work. Provisional Student Status Admission Provisional admission may be considered for an Applicant who has an overall grade point average of less than 3.0 [A = 4.0] or has achieved a Miller Analogy Test [MAT) score of less than 374 within the past five years only if the Applicant has a grade point average of at least 3.0 in the last 60 semester (or 90 quarter) hours of academic work and meets all other admission requirements.

Students who are admitted under "Provisional Student Status" may take only nine [9] credits of graduate social work courses in the first semester of admission. They are not eligible for University or departmental financial aid packages. If, after completing a semester of graduate social work courses, the Student is able to maintain a grade point of average of 3.0 or above in all graduate social work courses, the Student will be readmitted to the MSW Program as an "Regular Admission." NOTE: Students holding visas (F-1 or J-1) are not eligible for Provisional Student Status Admission at the graduate level. International Applicants Any applicant who is the holder of a nonimmigrant-type visa [F-1 or J-1] is classified as an international student or applicant by Albany State University. Important University regulations pertaining to international applicants or students may be found in the Albany State University's Graduate Catalog. While some of these regulations are listed below, persons in this category should contact the Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid for more detailed information regarding admission forms and requirements. General Regulations for International Applicants The United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services [USCIS] and mandates that students holding a "F" or "J" visa carry a full program of study. A "full program of study "is at least nine [9] semester hours. Applicants from countries where English is not the usual means of communication must submit a TOEFL score of no less than 550. Test scores may not be more than two years old. International students on non-immigrant visas must carry hospitalization and medical insurance. Applicants must furnish evidence of adequate financial support on the "Affidavit of Support" form.

The Applicant must provide an official statement from an authorized bank certifying sufficient funds are available to the Student to cover costs of University fees and general living expenses for one academic year of study in the United States. Immigration and Naturalization Form I-20 will not be issued until the international Applicant has submitted the required evidence of financial support. Non-immigrant international students are prohibited from participation in employment, unless authorized by the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. Deadlines Please contact the Department of Social Work for deadline dates for MSW applications. Applications completed after the stated deadline will be reviewed only if there is a reasonable likelihood that space will be available in the incoming class. Interested persons are urged to begin the application process far in advance of the admissions deadline, as the Department reserves the right to close the application cycle at an earlier date if all available slots are filled. Additionally, financial aid packages for the upcoming academic year are awarded to newly-admitted graduate students at the end of the previous Spring semester, making early application particularly important. International students should complete their application early to ensure review of their completed folders. Students who fail to enroll in the semester they are admitted must reapply for admission for a future academic year and are not guaranteed automatic admission in any future year.

The Review Process Applicants will receive postcard updates on the status of their applications, including a notice that the application is complete and ready for faculty review. The admissions process is carried out by the MSW Admissions Committee. In evaluating applications, Faculty Admission Reviewers take into consideration many factors and no one criterion alone automatically determines acceptance or non-acceptance into the MSW Program. Among the factors examined carefully is the Applicant's undergraduate course work in relation to a strong liberal arts base and past academic performance, as reflected in the cumulative grade point average (last 60 credit hours of academic work). Consideration is also given to employment or volunteer efforts in social work, strong letters of recommendation, demonstrated ability to follow directions carefully and communicate effectively in writing (as evidenced by the completion of the MSW Admissions packet and other written forms of communication presented by the Applicant), and the Applicant's stated motivation for a career as a professional graduate-level social worker. After carefully reviewing the student's application package, the MSW Admissions Committee votes on whether to admit, deny or defer the application. This decision is then forwarded to the Chair of the Department of Social Work on a "Graduate Student Status Form" for official departmental signature and approval. The decision is then sent to the ASU Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid and the Applicant is notified via mail of her/his acceptance or denial into the MSW program. The MSW program is then notified by the University on the final status of the application. All accepted students are then also contacted by the MSW Program via a letter informing them of upcoming orientation dates and pertinent information they need to know as new graduate students in the MSW program. Decisions regarding the Applicant's admission status may be appealed. Information regarding appeal procedures may be secured from the Office of Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid. Such appeals and their associated documentation are referred to the Appeals Committee of the Graduate Council for consideration. The applicant has the right to further appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and then to the President of the University, who will make the final Institutional decision.