Welcome to The Sociology Program

Albany State University’s Sociology Program is part of the Department of Behavioral Sciences in the College of Arts and Humanities. The Sociology Program offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. Additionally, students may choose an eighteen hour minor in sociology and are encouraged to do internship in public and private agencies. In fact, the program is designed to prepare students for graduate studies, and employment in a wide range of organizations, including social service agencies and the teaching field. Sociology is part of the core curriculum of the Liberal Arts.

Sociology is the systematic study of human societies, their patterns and arrangements, their processes of development and change. Course offerings cover sociological theories, research methods, family, population and society, Death and Dying, Social Gerontology, race and ethnicity, social institutions, social issues, social action and social change. We have also proposing to develop medical sociology for students planning to work in health care institutions or social service agencies.

A major in sociology or medical sociology can provide a useful orientation for students who plan to attend graduate school or seek careers in such fields as education, personnel work, criminal justice, urban planning, health care, community organizing, social welfare, or research in government and private organizations. Specifically, students with background in medical sociology may work in hospitals, nursing homes, health care business and other health agencies that provide assistance to persons with medical problems and disabilities. A wide variety of elective courses and academic minors can be combined effectively to create a concentration in medical sociology. Your advisor will work with you to select the best fit courses for you career aspirations.

The Sociology program offers ways that accommodate students of all ages. Many students have time-pressured lifestyles and multiple responsibilities. In addition to traditional weekday classes, the program also offers hybrid courses over the Internet and provides some classes during the evenings on weekdays.

The Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work is located in the Catherine Marie Hartnett Building. The building also houses Criminal Justice Department and Forensic Science. Currently there is just about enough classroom space for faculty, staff and lectures. In addition the building includes the following facilities: computer lab, an auditorium, satellite hook for distance learning, student lounge, mock court room, and forensic science laboratories.

Our program’s longest-standing tradition is a faculty focused on students, Dr. Adansi Amankwaa providing individual academic advising and personal attention. Alumni and current students alike cite close relationships with faculty members as hallmarks of their educational experiences at while matriculating with the Sociology program at Albany State University. The Faculty are also involved with research and publishing, participating in professional organizations and presenting at conferences, but their first priority is teaching students.

Dr. Adansi Amankwaa