FAQs: Contracts, Fees & Payments


What is a housing agreement or housing contract?

The housing contract is a legal, binding document, between the University housing and signee (tenant), for both the fall and spring semesters once it has been signed. This document explicitly states the responsibilities of both agreeing parties and actions for failure to fulfill contract.

Who signs the acknowledgement page of the housing agreement?
If the student is 17 or younger the parent must sign the acknowledgement page of the housing agreement. If the page is not signed in person in front of a housing official located in the Housing and Residence Life Office, with proper identification proving to be the parent or legal guardian, the form must be signed by a Notary Republic. The Notary signs on the line that reads “Signature Agent”. Students that are 18 and above may sign their own agreement, but must sign in person or have the document notarized as well.

Why do residents have to purchase a meal plan if they live in the residence halls?
All students (excluding those that reside in the apartment style residence halls) are required to purchase either All Access or Rams Gold meal plan. All residents that live in the apartment style residence halls are required to purchase a Rams 80 meal plan.  These plans provide access to our dining halls for your primary meals.  This ensures access to high-quality, nutritious meals.

Can a housing agreement (contract) be cancelled?
Students are responsible for both the fall and spring semesters unless they participate in a college-sponsored program away from Albany State or withdraw from the college. There is a housing cost cancellation charge of 50% for December cancellations when students are approved to move off campus. Release request forms and guidelines can be found in the Housing Office or at ASU Housing's Forms page.

Under certain circumstances, the student may terminate this contract by giving written notification to the Housing and Residence Life Office within seven business days of intended vacate date. If the student has occupied the assigned space and the request for termination has been approved, he/she must follow proper check-out procedures published in the Housing and Residence Life Handbook. For more information on housing cancellations, please read CONTRACT RELEASES/ CANCELLATION in the contract or contact 229.430.4741.

When will I know if my appeal was approved or disapproved?
A response will be mailed to the address listed in the University Banner records within 10 business days.

Is my deposit refundable?

Students may apply to receive a refund of their $200 deposit if they are cleared of any outstanding housing charges and have fulfilled their housing agreement for the academic year. Students graduating in December are considered to have fulfilled their housing agreement. Breaches of contract or outstanding Housing charges of any kind forfeit the students right to be refunded the deposit. 

What about payment of room and meal fees? 
Each resident's University bill should include fees for tuition, student activities, health services, educational services, housing, and dining services. All are payable as specified on the bill notice - generally in mid-August for the fall semester and mid-December for the spring semester.

Can I pay for my parking decal through the Housing office?
No. Parking decals may be purchased through your banner account or at the ASU Police Department.  For more information, visit the ASU Police Department website.