FAQs: Residence Life Policies

May residents keep firearms and other such weapons in their room?

No! Neither firearms nor weapons are permitted anywhere in the residence halls. Hunters and other persons who have a desire to keep a firearm must register and store their items with University Police.

What about insurance?
The college does not take responsibility for losses suffered on campus because of fire, theft, water damage or other cause. It is therefore, advisable that all students who will reside on campus, check the extent of their current home insurance or seek coverage through a special policy. (A student policy will be mailed to you with your housing assignment.) The risk of having personal property in a college residence hall is borne entirely by the student and not the college or university. STUDENTS SHOULD KEEP THEIR ROOM AND SUITE DOORS LOCKED AT ALL TIMES.

What happens when a rule or policy is violated?
Students who violate policies can expect to experience the consequences of those decisions. Generally, a student will be referred to the Judicial Coordinator. If the incident is confusing and requires investigation, the student is a repeat violator, or the situation is particularly serious a hearing may be scheduled. If a violation is determined, the coordinator will decide on sanctions or consequences appropriate to the case. Sanctions may include a reprimand, a reprimand with conditions, probation, a judicial registration record hold, suspension or dismissal. For a complete listing of rules as they relate to living in a residence hall at Albany State University, you can refer to the RamLife Resident Guide (Note: this PDF file requires the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.)

Is alcohol allowed on campus?
No, Albany State University is a dry campus.