FAQs: Roommates and Room Changes


What is the difference between a roommate and a suitemate?
A roommate is a person sharing a room with another student within the same four walls or a person sharing one side of a suite with another student. In a suite, there are four individual bedrooms within a unit and roommates share one side and one bathroom. In cases of Hall 6 where there are two separate bedrooms both parties are considered roommates.

Can I choose my roommate?

Yes, however Albany State University reserves the right to make changes to rooming assignments when necessary. 

Can I select all of my suitemates?
Not directly, but all preferred suite mates may attempt to select the same unit.

How do I select my roommate?
Begin by pairing with other residents. Then, identify a building of which both students qualify. Once a student has identified the person he/she would like to room with, he/she will then be able to follow the directions in the portal for roommate selection and requests. If a student does not have a roommate preference, there are tools within the portal system that may be used to assist with the process of identifying a suitable roommate. Based on select questions and answers,these tools allow each student to check compatibility rates. The system will also allow students to send messages to other students for more information or have private conversations. Once a student identifies a suitable roommate he/she may send or accept a roommate request.

How can I find out who my roommate is?
Students may find their room and roommate assignments in the StarRez portal.

What happens if a resident doesn't get along with his/her roommate?
On occasion, a student will attempt to resolve problems by talking to a roommate who is unresponsive. In other cases, a student may be having a difficult time approaching the roommate. In either of these situations, students should seek the help of their Resident Assistant or Residence Life Coordinator. Residence Hall staff members can assist students in expressing themselves to their roommates or assist in negotiating a living agreement.

When negotiations between the roommates fail, room changes are used to provide the most comfort possible for all students.

How does a resident get a room change?
When warranted, students may request a change in their living situation. Students should be aware that before a change can occur, roommates must be considered and taken into account. All changes must be approved prior to the physical move. Students must move within 24 hours of the approval date.

Residents can apply in to be reassigned for the spring semester. Procedures for end-of-semester changes will be forwarded to you at the appropriate time. Once a change has been approved, residents agree to move before leaving at the end of the fall semester. If this is not done, your change may need to be cancelled.