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Welcome to the Department of Student Life & Activities and the Office of Judicial Affairs. We are charged with supporting the mission of the Division of Student Affairs. This is done so by educating students outside of the classroom to be productive citizens in the ASU community, following guidelines as written in the Albany State University (ASU) Student Code of Conduct and protecting students’ rights.  The aforementioned is eagerly done while providing outrageous customer service to students, staff, faculty and the general public. 

We encourage all of ASU’s constituents to read and become familiar with the Student Code of Conduct.  Its existence is here to provide clarity for standards of acceptable behavior on our campus. In addition, the standards are vital to meeting ASU’s educational mission and the productivity of campus life.  Our office makes every effort to implement the ASU Student Code of Conduct in a timely, ethical and fairly manner so that all of your rights and responsibilities are met.

If you should have a question or concern we are here to serve you! Office staff will work diligently to aid you in resolving your issue.  Our office is located on the 2nd Level of the New Student Center (Orange Zone), Monday – Friday, 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Be sure to stop by our office to pick-up your copy of the ASU Student Code of Conduct (while supplies last).  It may also be found online here.

Best Wishes,


Angelnique A. Jordan

 Judicial Affairs Coordinator