Procedure For Recognition Of Student Organizations

Application (Starter Kit)

An organization seeking recognition must submit the following information in writing to the Student Activities Office:

        1. Name
        2. Purpose (including explanation of why the organization is desirable on campus)
        3. Qualifications for membership (requirements)           
        4. Fees, dues and other consideration for membership
        5. Officers and leadership structure
        6. Time and manner of election of officers
        7. Number of students wishing to join
        8. Faculty/Staff Advisor
        9. Explanation of any extra-campus affiliation ( e.g., national parent organization)
        10. Time and location of meetings
        11. Names of prospective members who will serve as spokesperson for the organization during the recognition procedure (It is suggested that three students be named)
        12. Names of at least seven (7) other students interested in the proposed organization
        13. Devise a set of objectives, constitution, and an organizational outline for the proposed organization.

If the purpose, program, and constitution of the proposed organization are not in conflict with the policies, rules and regulations of the university, materials will be reviewed by the Office of Student Activities for approval.

If granted approval, an organization must serve a one-year probation period before being granted all rights and privileges of a fully established organization on campus.  Upon final approval, a permanent file will be kept in the Student Activities Office, and the proposed organization must comply on an annual basis with the existing standards for all registered organizations.

Continuing Recognition Procedure

  1. 1. Any club or organization approved for formal recognition remains a recognized club or organization  unless:
    1. The club or organization fails to adhere to the policies, rules and regulations of Albany State University.
    2. The club/organization ceases to have an approved advisor.
    3. The constitution is altered without prior approval of the Constitution Review and Revision Committee.
  2. Recognized clubs/organizations shall submit, at the beginning of every academic year, the required information as listed in the ASU Campus Club/Organization Starter Kit.
    1. Proposals for newly established Clubs/Organizations will only be accepted at the beginning of Fall Semester every Academic Year. These organizations must adhere to all guidelines outlined in the ASU Campus Club/Organization Starter Kit.
  3. Recognized clubs/organizations must complete the (2) two mandated S.T.O.P. Sessions per semester as outlined by the Office of Student Activities. These sessions are used to strengthen the leadership skills of recognized clubs/organizations, in addition to providing clubs/organizations with  adequate tools and essential skills needed to be productive and successful. In addition to the required  S.T.O.P. Sessions; clubs/organizations are also required to complete at least (1) one community service oriented project (i.e. habitat for humanity, relay for life etc. . . ) or an on-campus service oriented project (campus clean up; fundraising for foundation, tutoring etc. .  .) per semester. Clubs/Organizations will be given credit for the these service projects upon completion of project and paperwork (that may be retrieved from the Office of  Student Activities. If the student groups fails to complete the semester requirements they will be allowed to make them up the following semester, but must also complete the current semester requirements.
  4. Failure of the club or organization to continue compliance with the criteria for recognition or with established rules, regulations and policies of Albany State University or with the provisions set  forth above in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of recognition. The Director of Student Activities and/or Program Coordinator for Campus Activities shall notify any recognized club or organization of loss of recognition.  The affected club or organization can appeal the decision to the Director of Student Life Activities.

B. Hearing

The Director of Student Activities or his/her designee shall examine each application and reject those not submitted in accordance with the procedure as stated in the handbook for student organizations. He/she may request a hearing on the proposed recognition. He/she may, at his/her discretion, request that the hearing be held before the Student Affairs Committee. The Director of Student Activities may request the presentation of oral and documentary evidence. A recording or transcript of the hearing shall be made and preserved for use in possible appeals and reviews.

Criteria For Recognition & Review Procedure

Recognition shall be granted only to those organizations whose purpose and proposed activities are clearly related to the educational goals and mission of the University. Recognition shall be denied if the evidence presented shows that the proposed organization will present substantial likelihood of material interference or conflict with the educational process of the University or any of the following:

  1. The regular and orderly operation of the University.
  2. The requirements of appropriate discipline within the University community.
  3. The academic pursuits of teaching, learning, and other campus activities.
  4. The laws of the public policies of the State of Georgia and the United States.
    1. The statutes and regulations of the University and Policies of the Board of Regents.

If the Director of Student Activities disapproves recognition, the organization may appeal the decision to the Vice President for Student Affairs, who shall review the same and affirm, reverse or modify the decision. The appeal shall be in such form as the Vice-President for Student Affairs may require.

All applications for recognition approved by the Director of Student Activities or the Vice-President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs or the committee shall promptly entitle the organization to all rights and privileges of a student organization.