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Electronic Device Purchasing (EDP)

What is an EDP?

Electronic Device Purchasing (EDP) is a form which is used to review the technology being purchased at Albany State University. This process will ensure that ITS is able to efficiently support the technology being purchased and that it will be able to work with existing campus infrastructure.

What needs an EDP?

Definition of Information Technology

What purchases do NOT require an EDP?

There may be some technology related purchases that may not require an EDP approval.  These purchases are in reference to maintenance and contract renewals.  For instance:

  • Renewal of existing software maintenance contracts.
  • Twelve month hardware maintenance contracts.
  • New or renewals of copier contracts.
  • Purchase of printer supplies

How can I get a quote for my technology request?

There are three ways that you can receive a quote for your technology purchase.

Can I put multiple items on one EDP?

Yes. If you are buying a PC, a printer, and software, all of those items can be submitted on one EDP.

Does EDPs require special approval?

All purchases over the amount of $ 100,000.00 will be approved first by ASU VP/CIO.  After ASU VP/CIO approves the request, it will then be submitted to USG VC/CIO via the SharePoint CIO Advisory Council Team. The USG VC/CIO normally approves IT requests within four (4) business days of receipt. A signed letter containing the decision will be emailed to the institution president or his/her designee once a decision is reached.

How do I submit an EDP?

Submitting an EDP requires a few simple steps:

  • Request a quote (If additional assistance is needed, please contact ITS for an IT Advisor)
  • Complete the EDP form
  • Send the original copy, a completed request for purchase and the quote to ITS-JPL 120.

What happens after I submit my EDP?

  • Once your EDP is received, it will be reviewed by the Office Services staff and assigned a tracking number. If all necessary information is included, then it will be submitted to the VP, CIO for approval.
  • After approval signatures have been received, the EDP will be returned to the requesting department for final processing with Title III or Fiscal Affairs.

What happens if my EDP is not approved?

The EDP packet will be returned with an explanation for the reason why the purchase was not approved.  In addition, a solution will be provided.

How long does an EDP take to process?

All request for purchases are tracked to ensure the needs are timely addressed.  Based on the simplicity of the technology request, it takes 3-5 business days for approval.