Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 19

field, eight all-weather lighted tennis courts, walking paths and a 5K cross-country course.
Fitness Facility-E (0005) -
The Darton State College Fitness Facility is located in E-105.
It is equipped with StairMasters, Schwinn AirDynes, rowing machines, treadmills, Nautilus
weight machines, and free weights.
Student Center-C (0008) –
Houses the Department of Campus Life, Student Success
Program, Job Placement, Minority Advising, Food Services, Career Development Center,
Disabled Student Services, International Student Program, the Writing Lab, the Student
Government Association Office, the Peer Tutoring Center, the Game Room, some public
services and meeting rooms, the Albany Symphony Orchestra offices, an indoor climbing
wall, bowling alleys, racquet courts, and many more amenities to appeal to all students.
Technology Building-A (0001) –
Houses the Campus Mail Room, Military Resource
Center, Division of Online Learning and the Technology Services Division with its
Technology Helpdesk, ID Booth and open computer lab.
Harold B. Wetherbee Library-G (0007) -
Houses the College library, the Foreign
Language Lab, television operations/studio area, and Testing Center.
Maintenance Building-D (0004) -
Houses the Director of Plant Operations,
maintenance shops, and storage for building and grounds service.
Warehouse Building-H (0009) -
Houses Central Supply, Receiving, storage, and
Provisions for Disabled Students -
All buildings include access and facilities to
accommodate students with disabilities. The Disability Services Office is located upstairs in
the Student Center.
Parking -
Two lighted parking areas for 1,000 cars are located behind the Student
Center. An additional parking lot is located in front of the Warehouse Building, adjacent to
the Health Sciences, Community Services, Classroom Building. Parking is also available to
the west of the Physical Education Complex and to the east of the Challenge Course.
Faculty, staff, and visitor parking areas are marked. Security personnel are employed to
assist with parking and traffic safety. Traffic regulations are detailed in the Student
Handbook and must be obeyed by all motorists.
Tobacco Free
– The use of tobacco products is prohibited in all campus buildings and
outdoor campus areas which include athletic fields, tennis courses, Challenge Course area
and parking lots (with the exception of use in personal vehicles.)
Drug Free - Darton State College’s Alcohol and Drug Policy -
Darton State College is
in compliance with the US Department of Education’s Drug Free Schools and Community
Act Part 86. Please review information about Darton State College’s alcohol and drug
abuse policy and sanctions, available community resources, and associated health risks at
Cordele –
Darton State College offers college credit and continuing education courses in
Cordele at the Crisp County Higher Education Center. College credit courses offered in
Cordele lead to a two-year associate’s degree. Courses are offered days and evenings to
accommodate working adults as well as traditional age college students. The Cordele
Center is located at 2705 E. 14
Avenue, in the Cordele Industrial Park. Administrative
office hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Friday 8:00 a.m. to
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