Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 29

these programs. Admission to the College does not ensure admission to a
specialized program. See the specific program area for additional admissions
requirements for each program.
: Darton
State College complies with all aspects of the Public Law 504 and Americans With
Disabilities Act requirements for accommodating students with disabilities. In
addition, the University System of Georgia has established special guidelines for
students with learning disabilities. Therefore, students with disabilities are
encouraged to:
a. Contact the Coordinator of Disability Services before taking the COMPASS test if
alternative testing procedures are appropriate. (Information provided to the
Disability Services office is strictly confidential and will remain separate from
application materials.)
b. Contact the Coordinator of Disability Services to get a list of the required test
battery to validate the existence of a learning disability.
c. Complete the voluntary self-disclosure form that will be sent with the letter of
d. Work through the Coordinator of Disability Services to arrange any special
academic or scheduling accommodations that may be required.
e. All students, regardless of disability, must follow conduct and attendance
GED Recipients
: GED recipients must adhere to the following guidelines:
a. Students must submit an application for admission and $20.00 fee.
b. Students must submit a completed immunization form.
c. Students’ must submit composite GED test scores of a minimum 2250 (passing.)
d. Students must submit an official copy of high school transcripts (for students
whose graduation year would have been less than 5 years).
e. Students must take the COMPASS placement test.
Entering Freshmen who submit SAT I and/or ACT scores below 430 SAT I Critical
Reading/17 ACT English and below 400 SAT I math/17 ACT math will be required to take
the Compass placement test. This test is given for three purposes: (1) to determine if a
student is adequately prepared for successful college work in English, reading, and
mathematics, (2) to recommend required Learning Support courses, and (3) to recommend
advanced placement when possible.
The following guidelines concerning Learning Support apply to transfer students:
a. Transfer students who were in Learning Support at the sending institution must
provide scores for placement purposes. The scores may be obtained from the
previous institution or by retesting at Darton State College.
b. Transfer students for whom the college transcript reads “Exited Learning Support” or
“exited” in a specific subject area will not be required to present scores and will be
considered “exited” at Darton State College.
c. All transfer students without transfer credit (C or better) in college mathematics will
be required to provide scores for the Mathematics and Reading portions of
COMPASS test. All transfer students without transfer credit (C or better) for college
English will be required to provide scores for the English and reading portions of the
After all admissions requirements have been satisfied, the applicant, if determined
eligible for admission, will be accepted for enrollment and assigned to one of the following
student classification categories:
1...,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28 30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,...541
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