Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 294

Manual Dexterity
Accommodation: Must perform fine motor tasks.
a. Must be able to identify by touch appropriate areas of the skull, face, neck,
chest, arms and legs to ensure proper hookup.
b. To adjust fine incremental controls using dials, touch pads, or computer
c. Manipulation of delicate implements during the set up and take down of the
Mental Stress
Accommodation: None known.
a. Perform without hesitation and with coordinated control, all elements of the
Polysomnographic Technologists scope of practice during times of mental stress.
b. Displays principles of patient care consistent with the community and BRPT
c. Responds positively to correction and modifies behavior as required.
9. Students will have three attempts to successfully demonstrate competency of any skill
taught in the laboratory or clinical practicums. Students unable to demonstrate
competency after 3 attempts will fail the laboratory or clinical course and will not be
allowed to Progress in the program. Students may reapply according to the previously
listed policies.
10. Students must arrange their own travel, and lodging if needed, to out-of-town clinical
facilities. Clinical sites are currently located in Albany, Moultrie, Columbus and
Thomasville GA. This may change as new clinical sites are added and may extend over
the whole state. Students are assigned clinical sites to provide a well-rounded clinical
experience. Every attempt will be made to accommodate students’ needs, but no
students are guaranteed any particular clinical schedule or clinical site.
Additional Costs and Fees:
1. Professional liability insurance is required prior to clinical assignment. Fees will be
assessed annually in the spring as part of the students’ Tuition and Fees.
2. Students are required to complete a series of Hepatitis B vaccinations. A series of
at least 3 shots are required. Costs will vary depending on the students’ choice of
provider. Students must have completed the series prior to beginning their clinical
3. Students are required to take a practice RPSGT exam in their SLEP1108 course.
Fees for this will be assessed that semester , and is currently $50.00.
4. Students are required to have approved uniforms, shoes, lab coat, watch and
identification badge.
5. Students must have proof of BLS/CPR certification through the American Heart
Association or the American Red Cross, and it must be current at the time of
6. Membership in the American Association of Sleep Technologists is strongly
recommended once approved for program admission. Student membership fees are
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