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For more information, a student should contact his/her academic advisor.
Writing is an integral skill that is required for all careers and professions. Because
students need to be proficient writers, Darton State College is committed to ensuring that
students who attend Darton State College have the competencies and skills necessary to
properly and effectively communicate with the written word. One way to ensure that
students are exposed to writing throughout their college experience is to incorporate
Writing Across the Curriculum
as a required component in each course. Every syllabus
for each course taught, including online courses, must have a writing assignment.
Instructors are free to choose how the writing component will be incorporated and are also
free to make individual decisions about how the assignment will be graded and what
percentage the assignment(s) will count with regard to the final grade of a student.
Examples of ways to incorporate writing across the curriculum include, but are not limited
to, summaries of articles, essays, responses to discussions, speech outlines, lab reports,
research papers, character analysis, and behavioral observations.
To meet the requirements of clinical affiliates in response to JCAHO, most Health
Sciences, Human Services, and nursing students are required to undergo a criminal
background check. Darton State College has contracted with Pre-Check for providing
these services. The cost for this background check is $49.50 and students will be assessed
this amount coded into their registration for an individual program determined course.
Students must follow-through with the procedures to complete this process in a timely
manner, as this is program requirement. The completed background check will be
accessed by the designated personnel at the clinical site to determine whether or not a
student will be allowed to participate in an affiliation at the particular setting. Results of the
check released to the program are limited to informing the program if the applicant is
“Clear.” Students will submit release forms allowing Pre-Check to conduct the required
background screening. In the event that the background check report is not “clear” the
student will be able to access the report from Pre-Check and may be able to correct any
inaccuracies in the record. Clinical facilities alone will make the determination of whether
or not a student is accepted with prior convictions. The decision of the clinical facility is
Background Checks completed through Pre-Check are required for the following Health
Sciences programs: Cancer Registry Management, Cardiovascular Technology, Diagnostic
Medical Sonography, Emergency Medical Services, Health Information Technology,
Histotechnology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Occupational Therapy Assistant,
Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Science, Respiratory Care, Phlebotomy,
Polysomnographic Technology; Human Services and Nursing.
Some clinical affiliates may require random drug screens during clinical rotations. In
order to participate in this clinical environment, the student must complete this requirement
following the mechanism determined by the facility. The results of such screenings (if
required) are submitted directly from the student to the clinical affiliate. The student will be
responsible for the cost of this requirement. The clinical affiliate determines whether or not
a student can participate in the clinical rotation based upon the results of this drug screen.
Depending upon the particular Health Sciences program that the student is attending,
students may be required to participate in clinical affiliations and educational experiences
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