Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 57

Learning Support Probation/Suspension
All policies regarding learning support are subject to change
according to Board of Regents’ mandates.
Students must remove academic deficiencies within the specified time established by the
Board of Regents. A student who has not completed requirements for exiting a Learning
Support area (two attempts for Reading and/or English and three attempts for Math) shall
be placed on Learning Support suspension for one year. Students who are placed on
Learning Support suspension shall not be considered for readmission within one year of
suspension. Receiving any of the following grades is considered an attempt: A, B, C, F,
WF, S, U, I, or IP.
Learning Support courses can not be appealed.
Academic or Suspension Appeals
- The normal procedure to appeal academic
matters such as grading, attendance, teacher techniques, student/teacher conflicts, or
anything else associated with the academic process is: (1) to discuss the matter with the
instructor concerned; (2) if the grievance has not been resolved, to discuss the matter with
the Dean/Chair of the division concerned; (3) if the grievance still has not been resolved, an
appeal may be made to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Vice President for
Academic Affairs may refer the matter to the Academic Appeals Committee for assistance
in rendering a decision.
Students who have been suspended for academic reasons should, if they feel there were
extenuating circumstances, ask for an appointment for a hearing before the Academic
Appeals Committee. For the convenience of students, the Academic Appeals Committee
meets on registration day of each semester and at other times as directed by the Vice
President for Academic Affairs. Students should obtain the appeals forms from the
Records Office. After the return of the completed forms with supporting documentation, an
appointment with the Appeals Committee will be scheduled.
A summer program for students on academic suspension has been developed to allow
any student on academic suspension to enroll for the summer semester. All persons -
regardless of academic suspension status - will be allowed to enroll. If during the summer
semester, while enrolled in a minimum of a three-semester-hour academic course, a
student improves his GPA to meet policy standards or makes a 2.00 for the semester, the
student may enroll fall semester, and the suspension status will be lifted. However, the
student may remain on probation if the minimum GPA is not met.
Students who earn less than a 2.00 GPA for the summer semester will be placed on
academic suspension. First-time suspension students, that is, students who have not been
away from the college on suspension, will be suspended for one semester. Second time (or
more) suspension students, that is, students who have been away from the college on
suspension, will be suspended for three semesters.
NOTE: Students receiving financial aid will be ineligible for aid under this program.
This program does not apply to students on Learning Support Suspension. See
Academic Regulations, Area H – Academic Standing - Learning Support
The Academic Renewal program provides the opportunity for degree-seeking students
within the University System of Georgia who have experienced academic difficulty to have
one final opportunity to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree at a system school. A
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