Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 48

Online Degrees and Programs
Darton offers online courses in a wide variety of program areas, and online offerings
are continually expanding. Darton currently offers many degrees, transfer program options,
and certificates that can be completed exclusively online. Many more may be completed
partially online. See
for the complete listing of online programs.
for individual courses offered online. Online classes
follow the same semester schedule as on-campus classes (see Academic Term Calendars
for significant dates.) Online courses at Darton State College
are provided through the GaView learning environment. These are multimedia enriched
and instructor-led courses, not independent study correspondence courses. Some online
classes require proctored exams. Students living at-a-distance may arrange for exam
proctoring following Darton’s proctored exam policy found at
Off-campus computer hardware and Internet
access are the responsibility of the student. Information regarding the minimum computer
advisement inquiries can be made by calling (229) 317-6241.
Video Conferencing Courses (Two-way)
Selected credit courses are offered by two-way interactive video conferencing. These
courses allow students to enroll in Darton classes, and participate in instructional activities
originating at distant institutions while attending class on the Darton Campus. These
classrooms are outfitted with microphones which enable the class atmosphere and
interaction to be similar to a traditional classroom. Participants at the host and recipient
locations are able to see one another by way of a video connection.
Video Streaming Courses (One-way)
Darton offers a few courses through one-way video streaming. This technology allows
select courses to be video streamed from the Darton main campus to a satellite location.
Therefore, students at the recipient locations are able to see and hear the class and the
instructor. However, unlike two-way video conferencing, video streaming is not interactive
since audio capabilities are unidirectional. Inquiries must be communicated with the
instructor via email or phone.
F. Library
The Harold B. Wetherbee Library/Learning Resources Center combines traditional
library services with the latest in technology. Facilities and equipment for the utilization of
all types of media regardless of format are provided. By design and function, the activities
of the Library support academic programs and services.
The mission of the Wetherbee Library/Learning Resources Center is to procure,
organize and provide to the eligible citizens of Southwest Georgia learning resources that
support educational programs, services and/or leisure interests. The Wetherbee Library is
committed to excellence in providing and maintaining a range of quality
resources/services/facilities that provide educational, cultural, social, physical, personal and
professional growth for a diversity of students both on and off campus.
The library promotes distance education, individual and classroom use of these
resources through an automated library system, GIL (GALILEO Interconnected Libraries)
online catalog, reserve service, library instruction/information literacy programs, interlibrary
loan service, reference service and various other online services. Access to the library
homepage is available through the Internet or the Darton State College Homepage. The
library website includes general information, forms, research instruction, hyperlinks to
suggested research sites on various subjects, GALILEO and GIL (library catalog). Georgia
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