Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 392

1120 Adult Echocardiography I
This course in non-invasive cardiology highlights the theory, rationale,
application, performance and interpretation of the following modalities:
auscultation, normal and abnormal heart sounds, phonocardiography, M-mode,
A-mode and two-dimensional Doppler. The laboratory portion introduces the
student to non-invasive cardiology by hands-on experience with the above
mentioned modalities.
Prerequisites: CVTE 1110, CVTE 1115, CVTE 1118, CVTTE 1131.
Corequisite: CVTE 1130.
Offered: Spring semester.
1130 Invasive Cardiovascular Technology I
This course serves as an introduction to the cardiac ctheterization laboratory with
an emphasis placed on basic cardiac catheterization protocols, theory and
application of angiographic procedures, and the concept of sterile technique.
Additional topics include aseptic techniques, sterilization, patient assessment,
radiography, pharmacology, cardiac wave forms, coronary artery anatomy,
equipment and tools utilized in cardiac catheterization, herodynamic data and
analysis, right and left heart caths, and complications and treatment of cardiac
catheterization. The lab portion provides an introduction to the cardiac
catheterization laboratory with an emphasis on the above mentioned items.
Prerequisite: CVTE 1110, CVTE 1115, CVTE 1118 and CVTE 1131,
Corequisite: CVTE 1120
Offered: Spring semester.
1131 Patient Assessment
This course introduces the concepts and techniques of patient assessment through
inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation. The student will demonstrate
proficiency in patient physical examination, and taking a complete patient
medical history. Principles of barrier protection for blood and body fluid
exposures and isolation precautions will be emphasized. Basic ECG monitoring,
basic laboratory values such as CBC, electrolytes, and basic microbiology are
presented. Assessment of critically ill patients is introduced. Each student will
be required to successfully complete a Lab competency check-off in order to
progress to CVTE 1120.
Prerequisites: Admission to the Cardiovascular Technology Program. CVTE
1100 is required as a Prerequisite or a Corequisite.
Corequisites: CVTE 1110, CVTE 1115, CVTE 1118.
Restricted: Admission to the Cardiovascular Technology Program.
Offered: Fall semester.
2110 Adult Echocardiography II
This course is a continuation of CVTE 1120 and presents an in-depth view of the
diagnosis of common disease states. The application of theory, techniques,
applications and interpretation of M-mode, color Doppler, pulsed and continuous
wave coppler, two-dimensional echocardiography and transesophageal
echocrdiography. The laboratory portion allows the student to further explore
their skills with non-invasive modalities.
Prerequisite: CVTE 1120.
Corequisite: CVTE 2120.
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