Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 397

Prerequisites: None.
Corequisites: None.
Offered: Every Semester.
DHYG 1101 Orofacial Anatomy
A study of the anatomical sciences of the orofacial region to include oral
histology and embryology; head and neck anatomy; and dental anatomy.
Prerequisite: Admission to Dental Hygiene Program.
Offered: Fall.
DHYG 1110 Nutrition
An overview of the major nutrient classifications, functions, sources, and
deficiencies. Emphasis on the well-balanced diet for maintenance of health.
Prerequisite: CHEM 1151K.
Offered: Spring.
DHYG 1114 Radiology
Basic principles of roentgenographic techniques including exposing, processing,
mounting and charting radiographs. Anatomical landmarks for interpretation and
safety precautions for the patient and operator.
Prerequisites: DHYG 1101, 1121, 1131 with grades of C or better.
Corequisites: DHYG 1110, DHYG 1132, DHYG 1122, DHYG 2100.
Offered: Spring.
DHYG 1121 Dental Hygiene Lecture I
An introduction to fundamental concepts relating to the profession of dentistry,
including terminology, history, and organization. A study of asepsis, patient
assessment, deposits, and preventive services.
Prerequisite: Admission into the Dental Hygiene program.
Offered: Fall.
DHYG 1122 Dental Hygiene Lecture II
A continued study of patient management and education, and dental hygiene
Corequisites: DHYG 1110, 1114, 1132, 2100.
Prerequisites: DHYG 1101, 1121, 1131 with grades of C or better.
Offered: Spring.
DHYG 1131 Dental Hygiene Clinic I
An introduction to specific tasks required for delivery of dental hygiene services;
infection control, patient assessment, scaling procedures, and polishing-fluoride
application procedures. Students acquire competencies through manikin and
peer experiences under continuous supervision by clinical faculty.
Prerequisite: Admission into Dental Hygiene program.
Offered: Fall.
DHYG 1132 Dental Hygiene Clinic II
A continuation of DHYG 1131 with the addition of sharpening, plaque control
instruction, and power scaling instrument. When safe techniques have been
mastered, students deliver dental hygiene care to adult and child patients. An
introduction to nutrional counseling.
Prerequisites: DHYG 1101, 1121, 1131 with grades of C or better.
Offered: Spring.
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