Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 434

1161W Medical Laboratory Technology II
This course provides an introduction to the principles of immunology and
provides the student with a concise and thorough guide to transfusion practices
and immunohematology.
Prerequisite: Admission to the MLT Program or permission of Program Director.
Corequisite: MLTS 1161L.
Offered: Spring, online & traditional options.
1161L Medical Laboratory Technology II LAB
The laboratory component of the course is utilized to develop skills and
competencies required to perform blood banking procedures and to maintain
procedures for the efficient operation of a blood bank.
Corequisite: 1161W.
Offered: Spring. Online and traditional options.
1300 Introduction to Histology
This course emphasizes the introductory study of basic Histotechnology.
Structure and identification of tissue systems and organs is emphasized at the
cellular level. The laboratory component is structured to enhance the student’s
knowledge of certain histological preparations of human and veterinary tissue.
Identification of images is achieved through virtual microscopy.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Histotechnology Program.
Offered: Fall and Spring.
1310W Histology I
This course emphasizes some of the competencies required to perform routine
histological procedures. These would include tissue fixation, principles and
application of microtomy, embedding techniques, laboratory operations,
decalcification, solution preparation and processing.
Prerequisites: Admission to Histotechnology Program.
Corequisites: MLTS 1310L.
Offered: Fall and Spring.
1310L – Histology I Lab
The course is a laboratory component complementary to MLTS 1310W. It is
utilized to develop entry level skills required to perform non-staining histological
Prerequisite: Admission to Histotechnology Program or permission of program
Corequisite: MLTS 1310W.
Offered: Fall and Spring.
1320W Histology II
This course emphasizes the fundamentals and clinical significance of routine and
special histological staining procedures. The student will differentiate between
different classes of special stains performed in a histology laboratory.
Prerequisites: Admission to the Histotechnology Program.
Corequisite: MLTS 1320L
Offered: Fall and Spring.
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