Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 449

2200 Assistive Techniques and Technologies
The use and modification of adaptive devices and equipment is studied. Creative
problem-solving regarding specific medical conditions is encouraged through the
development of adaptive equipment. Proper patient positioning in the therapeutic
and home environment is examined. Further development of static and dynamic
splinting skill techniques for diverse patient treatment needs will be learned. The
ability to analyze and problem-solve regarding overcoming environmental
barriers is fostered. Issues related to increasing safety and functional mobility are
Corequisites: OTAS 1132, OTAS 2260.
Prerequisites: OTAS 1100, OTAS 1104, OTAS 1105, OTAS 1111, OTAS 1121,
OTAS 1131, OTAS 1140, OTAS 1145, ALHE 1115.
Offered: Summer.
2260 Treatment Methods for the OTA
This course enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills,
and concepts learned in the didactic coursework to the clinic. Topics include
common diagnoses seen, treatment environments, and treatments for areas of
occupation including ADL, IADL, education, work, play, leisure, and social
participation. Students will be required to develop applications for enabling
function for mental health and physical well-being through occupational therapy
assessment/evaluation, intervention, and patient/client education. Techniques
and applications used in traditional and non-traditional practice settings will be
explored. Students will develop an awareness of activity demands, contexts,
adapting, grading, and safe implementation of occupations or activities. Group
leadership skills will be integrated into this course. The student will learn patient
and caregiver education skills while practicing therapeutic use of self. Course
will also create a discussion forum addressing events, skills, knowledge, and/or
behaviors related to the practice environment. This will include legal and ethical
behavior, safety practices, interpersonal and teamwork skills, and appropriate
written and verbal communication skills using the teminology of the occupation.
Test-taking strategies for certification exams and the process for getting licensed
will also be presented. Management issues and responsibilities will be explored
as well as legislative processes.
Corequisites: OTAS 1132, OTAS 2200, ALHE 1120.
Prerequisites: OTAS 1100, OTAS 1104, OTAS 1105, OTAS 1111, OTAS 1121,
OTAS 1131, OTAS 1140, OTAS 1145, ALHE 1115.
Offered: Summer.
2410 Fieldwork Experience Level II A
Full-time fieldwork experience following the completion of all didactic course
work. The fieldwork program involves students in experiences with clients,
patients, therapists, and others in the health care community. Participation in
Level II fieldwork placements allows application of classroom theory and
academic knowledge base. The fieldwork will be available in various settings
providing opportunities for experience with diverse patient/client populations.
The student fieldwork intern will experience various service delivery models
reflective of current practice in the profession. Fieldwork internships are carried
out in accordance with contractual agreements with health care facilities. Level II
fieldwork internships are an integral part of the educational process and must be
successfully completed within 18 months of the end of the didactic course work.
Prerequisite: Completion of all didactic course work.
Offered: Fall.
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