Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 484

1110 Infant/Pediatric Polysomnography
A course designed to teach students about the pathophysiology of sleep
disorders encountered in infants and children, the scoring criteria used and
techniques used in obtaining a sleep study, the setup of infants and pediatric
patients for a PSG, special problems that may be encountered and how to
troubleshoot them. We will cover communication and other issues related to
infant and pediatric sleep studies.
Corequisites: None.
Prerequisites: Admission to the program.
Offered: On demand.
1111 Polysomnography Practicum I
An introduction to basic polysomnographic procedures performed in the clinical
setting. Students will be required to master the skills of: conducting a complete
sleep history, patient preparation and equipment hook-up and operation,
monitoring procedures during the test, and record keeping and scoring sleep
studies, identification of sleep disorders and development of therapeutic
treatment plans.
Corequisites: None.
Prerequisites: SLEP 1110.
Offered: On demand.
1112 Polysomnography Practicum II
A course designed to continue the development of skills and concepts begun in
Practicum I. In addition, this course will focus more on scoring of sleep studies,
therapeutic intervention, and more advanced and specialized aspects of
polysomnography designed to prepare the student for employment in the sleep
Corequisites: None.
Prerequisites: SLEP 1111.
Offered: On demand.
1101 Principles of Sociology
A survey of the discipline of sociology. Topics include sociological theory, group
formation, deviance and major social institutions.
Corequisite: Minimum COMPASS reading score of 74 or enrollment in READ
Offered: All semesters.
Principles of Sociology SERVICE LEARNING
A survey of the discipline of sociology. Topics include sociological theory,
methods and selected substantive areas. Students who choose this option are
required to volunteer 50 hours at a non-profit establishment during the semester
as well as attend class.
Offered: On demand.
1160 Introduction to Social Problems
A theoretical and empirical analysis of selected major social problems
confronting American society.
Prerequisite: SOCI 1101.
Offered: All semesters.
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