Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 477

0099 Learning Support Reading & Study Skills II
READ 0099 is a preparatory course designed to improve reading techniques,
vocabulary skills, and reading comprehension. The course also strengthens
problem solving and critical thinking skills as they apply to reading, listening,
writing, and speaking. Exit requirements: at least a C average, demonstration of
reading proficiency at the college level and a satisfactory score on the
Placement: A score of 62 - 73 or below on the COMPASS reading skills test.
Offered: All semesters
1100 Introduction to Respiratory Care
This course introduces students to the Respiratory Care profession and the skills
needed to become a Respiratory Therapist. Topics will include the history of the
Respiratory Care profession, and a discussion of the future of Respiratory Care.
A description of the organlization of a hospital Respiratory Care department and
an overview of common modalities and specialized areas of Respiratory Care
including an introduciton to Therapist driven protocols and clinical practice
guidelines. A discussion of job opportunities and areas for advancement within
the profession. An overview of legal and ethical issues impacting health care,
and particularly Respiratory Care, in today’s Health Care environment. Universal
precautions and OSHA blood and body fluids precautions will be presented. The
functions of the NBRC, AARC, CoARC and the Georgia Medical Board will be
examined and the credentialing and licensing processes outlined.
Corequisite: RESP 1111, RESP 1131, RESP 1133, RESP1134.
Prerequisite: Completion of all Learning Support requirements.
Offered: Fall Semester Sophomore Year.
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