Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 473

2103 Care of the Mentally Ill
This course identifies specific mental illnesses as categorized in the DSM IV.
The etiology, incidence, pathology, and treatment of these conditions are
examined. Care of the patient experiencing mental illness is explored with
emphasis on the psychiatric technician’s role as part of the treatment team.
Prevention of mental illness is also discussed. The student will spend 15 hours
per week in a supervised field placement setting to develop enhanced skills
related to care of the mentally ill.
Prerequisite: PTEC 1101.
Offered: Spring or as needed.
2601 Introduction to Public Administration
Fundamental principles of administration, application to governmental operations,
administrative organization, budgeting, planning, administrative law, personnel
management, career service, conditions of public employment, & labor relations.
Prerequisite: POLS 1101 with a grade of “C” or better.
Offered: On demand.
1000 introduction to Radiography and Patient Care
Provides the student with an overview of radiography and patient care. Students
will be oriented to the radiographic profession as a whole. Emphasis will be
placed on patient care with consideration of both physical and psychological
conditions. Introduces a grouping of fundamental principles, practices, and
issues common to many specializations in the health care profession. In addition
to the essential skills, students explore various delivery systems and related
issues. Topics include: ethics, medical and legal considerations, Right to Know
Law, professionalism, basic principles of radiation protection, basic principles of
exposure, equipment introduction, health care delivery systems, hospital and
departmental organization, hospital and technical college affiliation, medical
emergencies, pharmacology/contrast agents, media, OR and mobile procedures
patient preparation, death and dying, body mechanics/transportation, basic life
support/CPR, and patient care in radiologic sciences.
Offered: Spring semester.
Prerequisite: Program Admission.
Corequisite: None.
RADS 1020 Radiographic Procedures I
Introduces the knowledge required to perform radiologic procedures applicable to
the human anatomy. Emphasis will be placed on the production of quality
radiographs, and laboratory experience will demonstrate the application of
theoretical principles and concepts. Topics include: introduction to radiographic
imaging procedures; positioning terminology; positioning considerations;
procedures, anatomy, and topographical anatomy related to body cavities, bony
thorax, and abdomen.
Offered: Summer semester.
Prerequisite: ALHE 1120; ENGL 1101; BIOL 1100K; RADS 1000.
Corequisite: RADS 1220.
RADS 1040 Radiographic Procedures II
Continues to develop the knowledge required to perform radiographic
procedures. Topics include: anatomy and routine projections of the upper
extremities and shoulder girdle; lower extremities; pelvic girdle; anatomy and
routine projections of the spine, ribs, and sternum.
Offered: Fall semester.
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