Darton State College Catalog 2013 - 2014 - page 466

PHED 2226 Athletic Training Practicum
Designed to provide as a student athletic trainer the knowledge, understanding
and experience in the areas of injury management, prevention, treatment,
rehabilitation and trainig room protocol. Will not count as an Area G requirement.
Corequisite: None.
Prerequisite: None.
Offered: Fall, Spring.
2291 Military Credit for Physical Education
This course provides Physical Education activity credit for the military student
who has completed 12 months or more of active duty service.
Corequisite: None.
Prerequisite: Military service.
Offered: For review of previous credits/transcripts by DSC Admissions and
Registrar Offices only.
1010 Critical Thinking
This course is designed to introduce students to the thinking processes used in
analyzing, evaluating, and creating information. The purpose of the course is to
promote intellectual inquiry and exchange through the application of critical
thinking in personal, professional, and sociopolitical contexts.
Corequisite: Minimum COMPASS reading score of 74 or enrollment in READ
Prerequisite: None.
Offered: On demand.
2010 Introduction to Philosophy
A survey of the major sub-fields of philosophy including epistemology, ontology,
logic, ethics, social and political philosophy, aesthetics and philosophy of religion.
Key problems that concern contemporary philosophers are explored and the
dominant positions explained.
Prerequisite: ENGL 1101 or permission of instructor.
Offered: On demand.
2030 Ethics
A general introduction to ethical theories and their application to moral issues as
well as an exposure to dominant meta-ethical approaches. Emphasis is placed
on the student developing a decision-making scheme to apply to moral
dilemmas. Credit may not be received for both PHIL 2030 and ETHI 1101.
Prerequisite: PHIL 2010 or permission of instructor.
Offered: On demand.
1101 Phelobotomy I
Introduction to Phlebotomy: liability, safety, equipment and techniques for blood
sample collection.
Prerequisites: None.
Offered: Fall (A term)
1102 Clinical Phlebotomy II
Clinical practice in an affiliate clinical laboratory. The clinical experience enables
the student to practice skills and develop competence under the supervision of
the laboratory staff.
Prerequisite: PHLE 1101.
Offered: Spring (A Term and B Term)
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