Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 126

Points in the selection process will be awarded as follows:
Three (3) letters of recommendation. Each form can count up to 65
The student’s cumulative GPA.
200 POINTS for GPA 3.5-4.0
150 POINTS for GPA 3.0 – 3.49
100 POINTS for GPA 2.5-2.99
Consideration and additional points may be given to those students that have:
Provided documentation of a degree in a Health Science Field,
Science or Biology that is directly related to patient care and medical
imaging; including but not limited to Radiologic Technology. Each
degree can count up to 100 points.
Provided documentation of a certificate in a health care area that is
directly related to patient care. Each certificate can count up to 50
Provided documentation of work experience in a health care
environment that is directly related to patient care. This documentation
can count up to 25 points.
Documentation of work experience:
Must be on company letter head.
A minimum of 6 months’ work experience.
Provide a description of job duties that demonstrate hands
on patient experience.
Provided documentation of 40 hours of volunteer work in a health care
environment. This documentation can count up to 1 point per hour
volunteered up to 40 hours.
Documentation of volunteer work experience.
Must be on company letterhead.
A minimum of 40 hours.
Provide a description of job duties.
Completed core course work can count up to 10 points.
An interview with the program director and/or the DMS committee will be required of
the students with completed application packets and meeting all criteria for the
Letters of selection, alternate status, or non-acceptance will be sent out following the
selection process. The selection process takes place at the end of A-Term Summer
Semester every year.
Students are notified by July 1
every year of selection status.
Selected students must confirm their intent to enroll in writing, within 10 days after the post
marked date of their acceptance letter.
A student that fails to respond in the appropriate time will forfeit their position.
Alternate students may take the Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Sonography course.
The alternate student’s inclusion in this course
does not mean
acceptance into the DMS
Program unless a selected student resigns or loses his or her position.
Upon acceptance into the DMS Program students must provide a
certification of
medical examination form, student physical and mental health self-
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