Darton State College Catalog 2014-2015 - page 127

evaluation form along with immunization documentation including the first
Hepatitis vaccination (all forms must be current within one year and must
be in the DMSP office no later than September 1
following your selection).
Failure to provide this documentation will lead to dismissal from the program and an
alternate will be chosen to replace you. You may provide this information before
notification of selections.
Any student that is pregnant or becomes pregnant while in the Diagnostic Medical Program
should consider the following:
1) Exposure to communicable diseases. As a student you may be exposed to
communicable diseases such as rubella and the
Hepatitis C virus
which are a serious
danger to the developing fetus. It is the pregnant student’s responsibility to avoid those
patients that may put them at risk.
2) Students are at risk to radiation exposure while performing certain ultrasound exams.
Pregnant students must protect themselves and their baby by using lead aprons and
avoiding all radiation until after the first trimester.
3) If the students’ medical condition limits their ability to continue in the program they may
withdraw and continue with the next class, if a position is available, beginning with the
course or courses dropped. Missed clinical time over the 3 days allowed may be made up
but may also delay the student’s graduation.
Any student who fails a DMS course will not be allowed to continue onto the next semester
of DMS courses. If this is the student’s first failure, the student may reapply to the DMS
program for the following year. If the student fails for a second time, or fails more than one
DMS course, it will result in permanent dismissal from the DMS program without chance of
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